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  1. I've always enjoyed TKOL. I know it's a short album, but honestly I think it's a good album and don't understand all the hate. The only song I dislike is Good Morning Mr. Magpie. Codex, Give Up The Ghost and Separator go together so perfectly.
  2. Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. It was really cool putting the whole thing together.
  3. Mine would be: 1. Thinking About You 2. Creep 3. Inside of My Head 4. Where I End And You Begin 5. Knives Out 6. The Butcher 7. Bulletproof ... I Wish I Was. 8. Blowout 9. Climbing Up The Walls 10. Videotape As I wrote this list I started to noticed a pattern. It seems to tell a story of a person who became a murderer because someone he loved didn't love him back. I know, that sounds kind of crazy. Let me explain. Starting with Thinking About You, we hear a story of a person who like someone else and thinks about them a lot. In Creep we hear that he's starting to get obsessed with this person. In "Inside of My Head" we hear by the lyrics and the increased intensity of the song that he's getting really obsessed, almost to the point where he's losing his mind. Next, in Where I End And You Begin we have the lyrics "Where you left me alone" which sounds like he tried to make a move and ask this person out on a date or something but he was rejected. He gets really hurt and mad, which is followed by "I will eat you alive". That is where the madness begins. After that we have Knives Out which is a song about cannibalism. 'Nuff said. Then we have "The Butcher" which is where he becomes a murderer and butchers people out of pure rage and madness for being turned down by his crush. Then we go into Bulletproof ... I Wish I Was, where he feels some regret and realizes that this whole thing turned him into a monster ("You have turned me into this... Just wish that I, was bulletproof".) But he still points fingers at this person for rejecting him and putting hum into this whole mess. Blowout sounds like after years of rage and being a murderer he wants to go out with a bang. A blowout. He wants to kill the person who rejected him many years before, and their family as well, as payback. Climbing Up The Walls is where he really starts going insane. He starts to harass this person's family then threatens all their lives ("Open up your eyes, I'll be there. Open Up your skull, I'll be there... So lock the kids up safe tonight.")... Then he finally kills them and takes his own life (The bloodcurdling scream at the end) Finally we have Videotape. The end. He ominously talks about how "This is his way of saying goodbye" and he knows he shouldn't be afraid because he "knows today has been the most perfect day he's ever seen" and how this person used to be "his center when he spins away". And that's it... I just blew my mind! I'm sorry for this being such a weird and brutal story and for being a really long post. I just can't believe I could fit these songs together like this. Climbing Up The Walls has always been a goosebumps kind of song, but now with these story behind it I just made it 100 times worse! Ok, now I'm going to make this a playlist and listen to it for myself. Bye!
  4. How to Disappear Completely is one of my all time favorite Radiohead songs. It's so desperately sad, and yet so beautiful at the same time. Truly a masterpiece. However, one day while I was listening to it, I actually payed attention to the bassline and realized how truly awesome it is. Really, it actually blows my mind how Colin was able to fit such a relatively complex bassline into such a sparse song like that (Well, the beginning is sparse at least... It picks up towards the end). It was a really cool moment when I actually realized this bassline.
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