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    They're all perfect...
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    Hail to The Thief
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    Sigur Ros
    Arcade Fire
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    Architecture In Helsinki
    Moxy Fruvous
    Wolf Parade
    Modest Mouse
  1. The best name would be Radiohead on A Friday.
  2. Sigur Ros works well, especially Heysatan For Radiohead, I generally listen to Nice Dream, The Tourist, Gagging Order, Fog, True Love Waits/Everything in its right place, and Sail To The Moon.
  3. Not at all... I can recite you the names of everyone who said those comments, the room number of the class, the teacher, the instrument I play in that class, etc... I wouldn't just randomly lie to be "in" on this topic.
  4. A week ago my music teacher turned on Radiohead and claimed it was the best band ever, then the comment was followed by twelve people saying "What's a radio head? Is it some sort of mp3 player?" I've given up on actually mentioning I like Radiohead, I just say "Yea, System of A Down is a good band..."
  5. I forget details, but I remember being in a car and someone turning on paranoid android and then karma police. I thought it was pretty good and decided to check them out, later learning the band name. Then I found hail to the thief, kid a (scary at first...), the bends and amnesiac. I only heard about creep a year ago, and I thought it was lame compared to all of the other stuff. I still haven't heard all of Pablo Honey's songs.
  6. Well at least she supports you... unlike anyone I know...
  7. Hoping not to spark another argument... Pablo Honey: I don't even own this album, I haven't heard anything good about it. The Bends: The Bends. OKC: Nothing. Kid A: Nothing. Amnesiac: Erm... Hunting Bears I guess. HTTT: Nothing.
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