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  1. hmu isobellucypollard at gmail dot com
  2. Edit: nevermind How do I get on slack :?
  3. Congrats on the job! Hope you sort the contract out, 2 weeks holiday is tooo stingy. The Italians hate contracts, and holiday too. It's one decentish thing about the UK that you don't realise til you leave, I guess
  4. That's shit, dude. Are you on the road? Hope he's doing well
  5. Did something happen or did everyone just drift apart? Kind of sad, if you ask me. I sort of though this place would always be here
  6. What's up MT, I live in Italy now. Where you all at?
  7. something so comforting about this
  8. I'm weirdly excited. I work for a newspaper now, and I've got the overnight shift so I'll be watching the coverage all night! Got popcorn and stuff. I know I shouldn't treat the election like a comedy show but parts of the campaigns have just been omg.
  9. oh hey! Yeah so far so good. Bit of pain but it's only been a week. Providing it stops soon, and my check up is alright then I reckon I'll be keeping it a good few years.. probably until I decide I want to have a baby (no idea when that will be!)
  10. Hey yo, I feel your pain. Since I'm in a long term relationship now, I went back to taking the pill (after not taking it for five years). Tried a progesterone only and the combined pill and both SUCKED for my mental health. Just got the copper, hormone free IUD fitted two days ago. Will update with how it's going, but so far just bleeding bit and cramps after the insertion. Hoping it's a winner for me!
  11. I'm paying £500 for a room in Whitechapel, all bills inc. No living room, but it's not so bad.
  12. yeha. who is this, btw? I am out of the loop with all the usernames here!
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