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  1. I never really post shit I write but There are ways of talking about the neighbourhood and there are ways of talking about the neighbourhood. And after the neighbourhood there is the city, and after the city there is the whole, and after the hole, I went and picked a lock. I mean, a lot. Each time was easier, each friend pushed lower in estimation- a secret hold held above, and launching power trips below; an estrangement, and a calculated blow of sorts; a way to sure fire right, write, never be wrong, and keep moving. Two would have been enough. I chose twenty and plus; and all the while, through those long journeys ending in river-bed junk-yards, scuppered by trollies, or tumbling through tobacco-split wood-chip gravel to meet an asphalt-crash fencing… all the while I jumped at the wrong point. Each time I got a cut, some better, some worse, a graze, or a lime-split, then a broken rib, a gash, or a few hairs pulled elastically from my scalp. They kept turning up in the papers, or on the internet. Parts exchange, or in the Sunday Stolen Bike Market. My fingerprints were everywhere. But my footprints weren't. My friends took the bus.
  2. ...opened textedit and found some shit that you wrote. apparently, this is mine a few weeks ago; 'The problem was, I had a shit tonne of masks and I didn't know what to do with them Far surpassing your average fancy dress shop, I seemed to have inherited a mask of each living person's face… I even had doubles of some of them. It was obvious to open a grand mask emporium, and soon the celebrated and well-photographed elite started using my objects as cover-ups. Quickly, politicians followed suit, which lead to general distress, but a rise in sales in the upper-middle-classes-not-excluding-those-who-although-live-abroad-still-have-british-citezenship-and-feel-an-affiliation-with-her-balmy-Isles… Soon enough, of course, one found oneself speaking to an image of oneself and sort-of-not-caring because you know, meta, and whatever. Later, though, a discomfort arose once we'd all decided it was best to just speak as James Franco. Popularity polls found the James Franco latex borderless mask to be the best seller of 1BF (1 year before Franco). The real James Franco suffered a terrible depression due to constant impersonation to an unnervingly accurate degree. When we were all studying our PHds, and sitting around painting murals, we pondered at the significance of a 'real' Franco. Why now, in 10AF (10 years after Franco), what was the point of decreeing who was who, when all were made in His image?'
  3. yeah, Phil looks like he should be an extra member of Sigur Ros in that photo
  4. if you do manage to pop down, let me know on here! I could meet ya and walk ya around if I don't have work on that day.
  5. By quality, I meant to actual cinematography- I hadn't done much moving image until then and I wasn't used to filming. It may be harder to tell on a computer, but when it was projected it looked mad pixelly. I'm at Kingston University, SW London (about 20mins from waterloo). The show opens Saturday 15th June and runs until the following Friday. It would be awesome if you came! Where is your show at, Mr Sloth?
  6. thanks very much for your input! the poor quality of my last film was brought up a lot in conversation so I tried very hard to sort the cinematography out on this one. nice to know it paid off.
  7. sorry to rebump this....... it has 46 views and 6 replies! I don't mind if your feedback is very critical, I would rather hear it. If you watched the film, at least give me a thumbs up or down, relatively. If you could explain why that would also be a plus. I really need feedback at this point, as I am near the end and very much struggling with keeping my shit together.
  8. haha! I WISH my mum had written that song! It was just me being lazy- I couldn't be bothered to find the accent on my keyboard
  9. are the messiahs duelling yet or wut?
  10. 'Amazon and napster- duel messiahs for music lovers' is clearly the best thread title ever written! And link up that soap opera thread. I forgot it existed but I need it in my life.
  11. Thank you both so much for bothering to give some proper input! I agree, Thomasss, that the end isn't quite right. It's very hard to work out how to cut something off, and I am usually a supporter of the abrupt ending. My first cut, I made a short sharp burst of white noise for half a second after it showed the guy on the sofa. BUT, it seemed too quick. And this now DOES seem cliched, I just need to take a few and reconsider. Yes, Rose, it's a continuation from my last film in January. My course has an emphasis on finding your project/idea and pursuing it to an outcome... and then revising it- but all trying to carry on the concept that you are attempting to visualise. Every time I watch it, I think of more things to change. But I have one last review with a tutor on Tuesday and then I am all or bust. And, teejay, the music was... firstly- the first 10 seconds of 'the land between solar systems' by Mum; looped and looped and sometimes overlapped secondly- the piano break-down in 'cherylee' by gowns; but played at half time (most of the time) thirdly- the intro to 'godless' by the dandy warhols; but slowed to 70% speed, and then 50% speed (this one was the one I was most worried about people recognising). Thanks again, guys. More suggestions would be most definitely appreciated!
  12. So I have nearly finished my degree, finally. My end of year show will consist of a dark room with a film projected; also I am making a weird shrine to Tony Robbins... it will have a "please take one" booklet that I have made called 'The Alphabet with Anthony' and a bunch of framed photos of him and flowers in vases and candles and shit. Anyway, this is my film so far... I haven't done any colour work on it at all yet. But the audio is nearly there, except for a few bits when the cut doesn't sync with the music. Also there is a bit (just after the pixel-ly guy says 'success is a mental transformation...') where I need to make a smoother transition. Aside from these things, I would really really appreciate some feedback, guys. I have 3 weeks to go and I am stressing like a muthafuckah
  13. and re: the sound- it's supposed to be a bit nasty, kind of sensory depravation. in the installation in the gallery, to view it you have to sit in a chair right in front of the screen and listen through headphones with a short wire (so you have to be close). only one person can view it at a time too, so it's meant to be really intense.
  14. thanks dudes. yeah the TV clips are 100% real. insane!
  15. ...this week. Comments would be much appreciated. Any comments.. I had some good feedback from my peers but would like to hear anyone's views. https://vimeo.com/59134667
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