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  1. bruce springsteen is a cool dude and all but i don't enjoy his music anywhere near as much as radiohead i haven't been much of a fanboy in years but seeing them live in november was something special
  2. here is a summary i wrote for my friends i caught the train to central and walked past my old stomping grounds of uts (that's where i used to stomp people (with my writing)) to the entertainment centre. outside were a lot of pretty girls and slightly but not too hipsterish looking dudes i got in quickly and lined up to buy a shirt. it took about 10 minutes but i got a blue shirt that says radiohead backwards for $50. it is slightly small after purchasing a bottle of mount franklin, of which i was not allowed to keep the cap, i went in and found my seat i was surprised to find that
  3. i will be there tonight i will be wearing a blue miles davis t-shirt if anyone wants to say hello
  4. i think this is a pre order on waste and that more will go on sale to the public through ticketek on march 1 i got one just before these sold out which was pretty quick i wanted a standing ticket but they were out so i took what i could get as something to sell/have as a back up
  5. thanks for your input! it received rave reviews in my tutorial!
  6. made a little change to the end, yeah!
  7. im writing a couple of short stories for uni and was hoping to get some feedback. id be glad if anyone were to read it and let me know their thoughts Albert and Nigel shared a love-hate relationship. Nigel loved Albert. Albert hated Nigel. Albert was a chubby nine year old whose freckles did not match his glasses. Nigel was a dog. Albert and Nigel spent every moment together because they were best friends. Albert’s parents had noticed that he spent his afternoons alone. They were unsure of whether he was just a private child or if he was unpopular with the other children. Either
  8. i am the meat in a Prophet John and The Trickster sandwich
  9. thanks for the comments the original script was a lot longer but i only had two days to shoot and edit it. i would have liked more time to explain why his mental state was deteriorating as opposed to the audience just having to accept that was the case though it is intentionally fragmented and open ended i think you could still grasp a coherent story. a guy with delusions of importance, becomes self-reflective until he feels his life his worthless. how he deals with that was intentionally left unexplained but there were indications i left throughout the film. nothing was unrelated or u
  10. thanks man i used a sony handycam cx150 (i think) i borrowed from uni. they're about $800 and record in HD but it struggled with lighting a bit the uni have some high end equipment but they dont let you take that out to do your own thing
  11. i made this on my own in just a couple of days. im not much of an actor but i like how some of it came out, mostly towards the second half http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvIk-987ugc
  12. thread made me question all my time spent here penny answered that question
  13. i dont understand it when someone quotes spam for an amusing reason and people will respond with "OMGG DONT YOU NO NOT TO QUOTE SPAMM!!!!"
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