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  1. I really oughta drive to Santa Clara and tailgate outside the stadium. Anyone want to meet me there? Please bring Bojangles or Popeyes.
  2. Haha Kontrol Freeks are sticks that you put on the top of your controller's joysticks. They essentially make the joystick longer, meaning you have to move the stick further to move your character/aim. It is supposed to help with your accuracy in the sense that it is easier to putt on a slow green than a fast green. I haven't tried them but I know people that swear by them.
  3. That's cool Brian, what do you do for work? I work full-time at a travel agency and it isn't exactly exciting but I don't hate it and I can afford to live which is a bonus. If you ever want to travel to Australia I'll get you a good deal!
  4. Cheers Willie, hope you've been keeping the grounds in order!
  5. Cool man, I'll definitely want to go back to Portland at some point. My girlfriend and I liked it so much we considered moving there but it rains a lot and is further away from both our families. How are you finding living in Portland?
  6. Running, Returning gets me every time. I think they all miss Ryan.
  7. I was trying to think of something to share and my mind immediately went to Oscar Wilde. I don't know if this is my favourite but one of my favourite aspects of his writing is the rhythm and balance and I think this is a great example of it: "Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing."
  8. He hasn't really outlined specifics so it's hard to criticise him on policy but I will say I disagreed with nearly every single firing on The Apprentice.
  9. meandmyarmy

    NBA 15/16

    I've probably told this story but when I was 9 years old I got NBA Live '98 on the PS1. I loved basketball and played that game all the time. Living in Australia I didn't really know the teams so I picked my favourite team based on my favourite logo, which was the Charlotte Hornets. Over the next couple of years I became obsessed with the Charlotte Hornets. I had a Charlotte Hornets t-shirt, cap, birthday cake, bed spread and on and on. 15 years later I traveled to the US and my first night out I met my girlfriend. It turned out that she was from Charlotte. Some time I would travel to Charlotte to meet her family, but more importantly to attend my first Charlotte Hornets basketball game.
  10. meandmyarmy


    Frankie 3 4 5 Gonzaga just beat some Russian guy whose name is not hyperlinked on Wikipedia. He could be the next Fedor for all we know. Missed you too burt.
  11. Haha cool stuff just seems to happen in LA. One time I spoke to Jeff Goldblum! A lot of comedy clubs don't allow recording but I do have a couple of videos of me trying different stuff. I probably have about 7-8 minutes of really good material and 7-8 minutes of pretty good material. People tell new comedians not to upload material but if I get a good tape of me doing my best stuff in the one set I'll put it up. You can DM me if you really want to see something haha.
  12. Hey Brian! Yeah, Matt and I are still doing the podcast. He works for a website called Gold Derby which follows award shows and gets to interview a lot of nominees which is pretty awesome. He came over to the US last year and is coming again in a few weeks so we'll try to get some videos etc. We haven't posted as consistently since I moved but we're getting back on track. Apparently the podcast is in my signature so check out our latest podcast on Making a Murderer if you've watched it! What have you been up to? Looking forward to anything?
  13. I've never seen anyone say something pro-Trump in real life but I have seen one person post something pro-Trump on Facebook. So 1 in 432 people I know support Trump
  14. meandmyarmy


    I love Conor's talk but in my opinion Frankie beat Henderson and Aldo so he is the true Champ at both 145 and 155. I won't treat Conor as the champ until he beats Edgar.
  15. We visited Portland two Septembers ago. It's one of the coolest places in the world, so we'll definitely be back. We thought it would be a toned down version of Portlandia but the show seems pretty much spot on haha.
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