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  1. Yeah, the packaging sucks. The original album came with full lyrics and liner notes, which I'm surprised they didn't include here.
  2. Finally got mine in the mail. Ironically the track that sounds the best remastered is Fitter Happier, which has a lot of background stuff that's much more noticeable. The rest of the album doesn't sound that different to my ears but that's okay, as I didn't feel the original needed it too much.
  3. My CDs are arriving today from Amazon. I'm excited!
  4. Waste has serious problems. I canceled an order from them a few months back because three weeks passed and they still hadn't shipped my order.
  5. Yeah, I found quite a few of those to be tricky. Ask again in a week and my list will probably change.
  6. How Do You? Stop Whispering High and Dry Fake Plastic Trees Let Down Karma Police The National Anthem How to Disappear Completely Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box Pyramid Song The Gloaming There There Weird Fishes/Arpeggi All I Need Lotus Flower Codex Burn the Witch Daydreaming
  7. Separator is my favorite closer. The second half of TKOL is one of the strongest sides of any Radiohead album.
  8. Worrywort is my drug of choice at the moment. I think Amnesiac is just about perfect but this should have been on the album.
  9. Might as well do closers too: Separator The Tourist A Wolf at the Door Life in a Glasshouse True Love Waits Street Spirit Videotape Motion Picture Soundtrack Blow Out
  10. Many of the big chain stores have already discontinued or severely reduced their selection of CDs. 10 years ago you could walk into Best Buy and find rows upon rows of them; now most stores have it relegated to a small section somewhere in the back. It's a great time to stock up because CDs are so cheap now, though I still prefer vinyl whenever possible.
  11. This band has never had a weak album opener. It's a tough call but here's mine: 1. Packt 2. Airbag 3. 2+2=5 4. Everything 5. 15 Step 6. Burn the Witch 7. Bloom 8. Planet 9. You
  12. I'm still waiting for Amazon to ship mine (for some reason they say July 7, which stinks) but from what I've heard people are very positive about the sound.
  13. Yep, I'm used to it. I have all the DVDs anyway so I'm never without my fix.
  14. Radiohead fans aren't the only picky ones. Just visit any message board dedicated to a long-running band like Metallica or U2 and you'll see the same thing. People gripe about musical direction, setlists, release schedules, remasters, and tour dates. It's just how people are. I'm all for constructive criticism but endless whining about every little thing is exhausting. Or maybe I'm just easy to please and have low expectations, making it hard for me to be disappointed.
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