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  1. familiar with torrents - im just being lazy and hoped someone would be all "oh here you go mediafire link BAM!" thanks though - ill breeze through that thread here in a bit
  2. are there any sort of decent AFP recordings floating around these days? i've heard none of the stuff played as a full band - and am interested in hearing what the eraser material sounds like in the hands of a full band.
  3. when rh toured with liars i was really hoping both bands would be onstage and do somethin together. that didn't happen though. that's my story.
  4. wait. do arcade fire fans call themselves moths? that's so spectacular.
  5. oh im not doubting kid a's ability to top lists - just rolling stones list in general i really expected greens days american idiot to be the top spot or some such thing bob dylans christmas album maybe i dunno
  6. this really surprises me considering how shitty some of RS's lists are these days. i mean im damn happy about that choice, just surprised.
  7. Thanks for the kind words!


    I'm assuming you're asking about the double exposure photo that I took. Well I shoot in digital which, by itself, does not allow for double exposures (with film you could rig the camera to shoot a picture, then shoot another picture using the same bit of film, thereby "placing" one picture on top of the other) so I do that in photoshop.


    I select two pictures I want to work with, either convert them to black and white or change the color so they will look decent when I layer them, then copy one of the pictures over the other. PS then gives you can option to blend or change the opacity of the photos so you can "see through" the photo on top to the photo below, giving it that "double-exposure" look. It's fairly simple and if you want some more in-depth explanations on how to go about doing that I'm sure I could find you a quick tutorial on youtube or google to help you out!

  8. i met matt at an of montreal show when furnaces opened, he was manning the merch booth and no one was paying any attention to him - he talked to me for a good 15-20 minutes about books and music. he was really really nice guy so that just added to how sweet the concert was. so yeah, im going to ignore this cause matt's a cool dude in my book. whatevs.
  9. this is the first thing i thought of too.
  10. Haha, good point, I would imagine it would be a bit different. Well look into it, anyway. Broadening your studies to something else you're interested in is never a bad thing.

  11. Now when you get your tattoo you gotta let us all know. We'll be here cheering you on.

  12. You probably would be able to, and I'd recommend it if at all possible. I've taken art classes as electives and they've counted towards the completion of my major/masters environmental degrees. Does your school allow for you to take classes outside of your field of study just for elective credits?

  13. The bird test went..okay, I could have done a lot better, and am a bit bummed actually. I missed maybe 20 of the 100 questions. Which really isn't bad, but just remembering all the birds scientific names/sexes/what season they are in the area proved to be harder than I thought, even with all the study time I put in.


    I'm taking an ornithology course as part of my Environmental Sciences masters program, and it's something I'm really, really enjoying. I can see myself continuing studying this field long after I'm done with the class. We've gone out bird catching/tagging, and I've had a hell of a lot of fun doing stuff like that.

  14. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Too kind of you :]

  16. They were nominated for best comedy album, but George Carlin took it.
  17. wow, that was surprisingly good. i wasn't sure what to expect at all, but that was a great short, can't wait to hear his album
  18. thats dangerous thinking right there. im not too sure about that.
  19. hahah. wtf poll indeed. probs double nickles. going to give it another spin today.
  20. Good album to win - was still hoping for Burial though. Oh well.
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