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  1. I really love this concept - and this shot in general. Excellent stuff :] Aww, thanks! I appreciate the kind words. The guy was not asleep during the hummingbird near the dream catcher moment - but it happened in the same room/in the same day. It felt appropriate to put those two pics together.
  2. love those fog pictures - great stuff
  3. Thanks for the kind words, everyone :] Cat, the first and last pictures there are superb. I would kill to live near mountain ranges like that.
  4. That looks like a painting! Very cool.
  5. this thread always, always, always brings a smile to my face. I love it.
  6. familiar with torrents - im just being lazy and hoped someone would be all "oh here you go mediafire link BAM!" thanks though - ill breeze through that thread here in a bit
  7. are there any sort of decent AFP recordings floating around these days? i've heard none of the stuff played as a full band - and am interested in hearing what the eraser material sounds like in the hands of a full band.
  8. This thread is still so excellent - I need to get back into my photography sometime soon. I've been slacking and I miss it.
  9. Goddamn wonderful shots whitewash
  10. when rh toured with liars i was really hoping both bands would be onstage and do somethin together. that didn't happen though. that's my story.
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