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  1. i write actual sh1t now but its so so bad. if youre up for masochism i can send you some. and yeah i miss rym but everyone i hung around/with there has become lastfm diaspora so i can still keep up. definitely not the same though. even the sense of comradery or the like Internet Satire magic is gone. doof
  2. i like your photography, dont feel ashamed.
  3. i thought it was actually pretty good. i mean this in the least patronizing way, but sort of like the intense clatter of hijokaidan with the beat/more-"danceable" Merzbow stuff. good job, especially if that's only your third session together nice band name too, reminds me of the pokemon bulbasaur
  4. it's a case of form over content.
  5. "the only way to play it on a string instrument without having some sort of virtuoso players would be to have each of them covering a few notes of the scale each (some of the notes are close enough to multiples of 100 cents apart to be unnoticeable) so I'll probably have the strings weave in and out of the tuning" that doesn't sound pragmatic; possible, maybe
  6. if it's not playable in real life then why bother, aside from some sort of self-fulfilling intellectual excursion
  7. i used audacity since i don't have a mix and what i do is beat the shit out of a sample of white noise, speed it up, slow it down, change pitch, etc... eventually you have something that's decent... then create other loops and stuff using same method, layer, copy+paste, etc i'd recommend getting a microphone though
  8. i think i like thom the best... the combination of his hair, the stubble and the shirt. again, good work =)
  9. First I gotta find a mic (read: buy) then all that mixing garbage and stuff like that So this'll take awhile. I'll wait until this is done again in like six months.
  10. Why do I get a Supersilent-feeling? This is really good, one of the few albums I've heard by members on here that I would listen to again and again.
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