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  1. skelatin

    NOLA 4/3

    Yeah, like I said it was an incredible show and with the exception of The Gloaming they killed it on every song. I'd be interested if anyone else noticed the same things as I did. If anything I enjoyed the quirks of the show because it reminded me of their humanity. Sometimes it's hard to believe real people can do what they do.
  2. skelatin

    NOLA 4/3

    Last night was my third time seeing these guys and they did not disappoint, as predicted. The set contained some gems that they didn't play at the first two shows (Lucky!), and I really appreciated the TKOL renditions much more than I did in 2012, it helped that I was super close. That said, they were pretty rusty! They false started 2+2=5 three times before just rolling with it. They totally botched the timing on The Gloaming resulting in a weird vibe throughout that song. Thom dropped some lyrics in a few verses. There were some moments when Thom seemed annoyed with Jonny, waving at him in what seemed like exasperation, and at least once (during Nude) correcting him ON MIC. It did seem like Jonny was taking a lot of liberties with his performances on the songs, but I didn't think was very out of the ordinary. Was I just too stoned or did anyone else notice this dynamic going down? Anyway, it was still a beautiful experience as usual and such an intimate show for an arena.
  3. Seeing them tonight in NO. I'm so stoked seeing the variation between the two sets so far. Can't effin wait.
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