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  1. will def be there if you do one in uzbekistan
  2. for realz though, i was only kidAing. this albums boss
  3. i n my opinion kida is overate but not as overated as ok computer
  4. ''Anyone who didn't like The King Of Limbs is a motherfucker" - Nicușor Serafim Antonescu
  5. So is Follow Me Around an adult contemporary song?
  6. http://pitchfork.com/news/roger-waters-accuses-radiohead-of-supporting-israeli-government-in-new-interview/
  7. ^this is why i'll never have children
  8. Early Nude has to be the most sickeningly sweet thing Radiohead has ever done, followed by Lift.
  9. I AM CALM!! I PROMIE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>KID A
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