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  1. i think you're completely incoherent actually! that wasnt a character assessment, whatever it was. based on that day, you make less sense Forever
  2. That's because you're disgusting
  3. says the dickhead who boasts about exhanging philosophical letters with his girlfriend when They have problems
  4. nvm no gpod feeling. Oh my god that was god awful but I'm still working on it.
  5. The second one is really great.
  6. At first I thought that was the laughing smiley and was like, oh god the humiliation. But now that you quoted it, it still seems ridiculous like saddled, burdered, bound. No I like the imagery of the coat soaked in rain it's pretty nice : ) If I saw it I'd like to film a coat on the ground in the rain for half a minute.
  7. I sort of read 'the established outsider: thomas bernhard' by dagmarsomething since ive never heard/read of bernhard before and it says he had a psychological wound you know, that he expressed discontent of german/austrian youth on elemental not rational terms, i think. I like the poem thing it's interesting.
  8. i appreciate u saying its a total autobiography. I don't understand after the uh but its very intriguing and i really like this one.
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