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  1. Thanks for the opinions, LotusFlower and Naomi Whats. Even if they diverge that much, eheheh. That graphic is quite interesting. I am thinking about starting with In Rainbows (there is already some things I like about it) and then going to Ok Computer and Kid A, which are the ones the biggest impact, I guess. Btw, LotusFlower, A Moon Shaped Pool is a brilliant album. And I'm starting to believe they are the best band, indeed.
  2. Hello everyone! Let me tell you my story: for almost 15 years I couldn't get into Radiohead; I could say I had some resistance to listening to them, even though I liked what I knew from Ok Computer and The Bends. However everything changed when I listened to A Moon Shaped Pool. The beauty in this album is something I haven't seen in a long time and songs like Daydreaming and True Love Waits moved me like few songs ever did. Now I do want to get to know Radiohead, and I'd like some help, if possible. Where should I start? Should I begin with the previously mentioned OkC and TB (which are more "organic")? I'd love to know some opinions on how I should progress. Anyway, I do appreciate the help. Sorry for the long first post. Be well! Jason M.
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