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  1. hey i liked that part

    does kinda remind me of an allen ginsberg-type cadence, in a way


    second song i had a harder time making out the vocals, felt like the keyboard and percussion kinda took over, tho the vocals did come out a bit more towards the middle. I liked the idea of the song but the execution less so, keep it up!

    Thanks for listening.


    I've removed the keyboard now - apart from at the end. I agree it didn't really work.

  2. just listened. I like the vox here a lot more. they're more expressive. there are some things to work on, like general mixing and I'm not crazy about some of the keyboard tones. I like the sort of gravitas or feeling in general, especially in the intro and outro notes.

    Yeh, the keyboard i added at the last minute because I felt it was too bare otherwise. But I agree, especially the first part with the keyboard

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