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  1. This might be a bit off topic, but I want to stress how much Radiohead made an imprint on me. Tonight I can't sleep because of my father. When I was a kid he said "Listen to this!" and he put on Ok Computer in the car. I had heard Creep on the radio before, I didn't own The Bends but had borrowed it a couple of times, but this was much better. I recall how we started drummming along on the dashboard. It was like future music to me. I loved it. The lyrics was great and really spoke to me. My father and me was talking a lot about philosophy and psychology at the time. There was this girl I liked who liked Radiohead, so I was happy I also did. We did start to see eachother in an anxiety ridden teenage world, but that's another story... My father and me always sing No Suprises together on karaoke. I don't know how many thimes I have heard him sing it... He has showed me good music. Most things I like are very much because of him. Tomorro, after leaving the kids at kindergarten, I'm going to go to him inthe hospital. He has cancer. everywhere... They can't do anything. He won't go home ever again. He just turned 60. He is too weak to watch movies or tv... but he might want to listen to music.
  2. AMSP is a long album. Longer than IR. Spreading it over 45 rpm vinyl would make the package prohibitively thick and expensive. It would also hinder the listening experience. At 33 it is2 LPs long and some sides have only two songs. The egineers cut this one at 45 mainly to avoid inner groove distortion. Some of the songs are very bass heavy and on vinyl the closer those tracks get to the center label, the more distortion. At 33 the songs sit further away from the label, there is much more dead wax on each side.
  3. I have been looking in to Secrets To Be Told for quite some time. Nice work there. Lift, I promise, follow me around, cut a hole... I have a lot to do right now, but I shall see what I can do.
  4. https://s18.postimg.org/9wmnydbnd/Pics_Art_09_30_08_04_03.jpg CD - bloom https://s12.postimg.org/627fsnjyl/Pics_Art_09_30_08_05_03.jpg Vinyl - bloom
  5. Jack White's first album is such a good master and Bob Ludwig mastered that as well. There's obviously an expectation, right?
  6. Mews... Next time they someone else should pack them. But I'm sad to read about this.
  7. It's not up to the person who masters the album. After that person is done the MAN will step in and raise the volume so much that half the job done in mastering will be destroyed.
  8. Yeah, I remember that ooone. I didn't like it. Why are you selling your records?
  9. Heh, not even a second long.You can come over to my place and we can listen to it all night long. We can scan it in to the computer and loop it. I got some wine, a water pipe and fake salami. It will be fun and fckn crazy.
  10. Sometimes they are... and my boy do my mind not work like it should tonight..,fmi
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