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  1. im hesitant to get excited for it cus i thought the last one was really good and album goodness goes in waves but seems to fluctuate more crazy once youve already made 3 great albums in a row
  2. i hate doing this! last time the whole time there was some creepy guy behind me in line tryin to gross/shock humor his line friend or talk abt mandela effect.writing grimes fanfiction in his bedroom vibes he asked the other guy do you like huey lewis and the news?(edit)
  3. https://cashortrade.org/radiohead-tickets/?search_phrase=Radiohead this site worked for me in chicago. i made a seeking ad the day of and some people msged me. while i was waiting in line to get in i saw there were some ga tix lowered to 95$ on stubhub. good luck !
  4. thanks for posting cus i was vvery stupid that nnight dont remember it at all
  5. its ok sexualfavors r still allowed on cashortrade and i got em!
  6. Also i havent seen morning bell so that and blwoout woyldve been worth it. I really hope blow out is this tours fake plastic trees so they play it tomorro too
  7. Why disnt i buy that guys tickets FUCK blowout fuck regret.im goin tomorro even if i buy shit seats
  8. did you sell it yet? 1 as in 100 seat? or day 1?
  9. are you the guy that likes faye wong and empress of? i cant remember if he typed in upper or lower case
  10. so is it best to wait til closer to the date? reddit ppl r being insane and selling for way higher than face value same on stubhub
  11. id like to go w my bf but i wonder if the opportunity came up to be in ga but he gets no tickets or bad seats what i would do lool. it would feel pretty slimy cus we met here. maybe in that case wed catch a ride to another city o.O god. i wish i made music good enough to make ppl pawn shit and travel and the world
  12. should i make a thread trading rh tix for sexual favors on craigslist?
  13. the only person who got back to me is like row 300000000.....fuck that!
  14. i have a plan for the general sale this time at ticketmaster but i have no faith honestly.crying lool first world problem but i really am crying..
  15. i was in the queue at 10am and it sold out 10:02am
  16. this is prob dumb to say but if anyone here is able to get tickets from waste for chicago today, if u buy 2 extra tickets i will most definitely pay u to have those cus ive been so shit luck w this
  17. oh my god i thoight this was janel but youre....janelle!lmao.i have signatures disabled like a fool
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