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  1. I get KID A (2000) what is your result here is test https://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-album-are-you-2/
  2. that was an amazing test and I get creep what is your result here is test https://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-song-are-you/
  3. that is the coolest radiohead quiz I have ever seen I scored 10 of 13 what is your score here is test https://quizforfan.com/can-you-identify-these-radiohead-songs-in-emoji-form/
  4. Which Radiohead Album Are You?here is a personality test about Radiohead with 10 questions this test will tell you the album name of Radiohead What is you result ? https://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-album-are-you/
  5. I just found this post There is 30 tattoos some of them are reall cool Which one is your favorite? http://www.needsomefun.net/amazing-radiohead-tattoos-part-1-30-tattoos/
  6. hey guys I found a quiz - Thom Yorke Biography Trivia Quiz here is 10 Questions what is your score? http://quizforfan.com/thom-yorke-biography-trivia-quiz/
  7. A cool Quiz abour Radiohead Christmas Songs Please Write Your Results here is the game http://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-christmas-songs-are-you/ http://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-christmas-songs-are-you/
  8. This is a Really Cool Radiohead Quiz , I get 11/13 Please Comment your score here is the game http://quizforfan.com/can-you-identify-these-radiohead-songs-in-emoji-form/
  9. Which Radiohead Song Are You?I get Street Spirit what is your result ? , here is the game http://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-song-are-youu/
  10. hey guys I found a quiz Which Radiohead Album Are You?what is your result ? http://quizforfan.com/which-radiohead-album-are-you/
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