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    The wonderlight, sexuality, the rabid boringness of the average Radiohead fan, others living on the edge.

    Thom Yorke and his receptiveness to the iridescent white light and how he is able to translate and transmit with such ease.
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    Unemployed as of last week, dont do the right thing folks. It'll get you fired.
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    Lifechanger: Kid A; Of the moment: AMSP
  1. currently watching, this is wonderful. thank you! burn the witch sounded raw AF! he was doing some kind lou reed drawll.....
  2. High, I obvi played up the bits about my theory of Thom's ultra obsession with and thinly veiled references to the wonder light..but the original question has not been addressed. Separator ...Thom y u do dis? Also, fuggin prince. Anyone?
  3. It has been brought to my attention though autocorrect that there is no way to edit a topic. Let it be known.
  4. Based on lyrics from A Moon Shaped Pool (a.k.a. bulb/pip/pico/cloud generator/liquidcrystalinamoonshapedbulb) **Quick note on the word amicable.... I was recently amicably terminated from a position at a hypothetical company which doesnt exist but kind of does *nudge nudge*. And let me tell you, it was anything but amicable, the word amicable is PR cover up for ugly AF! "Different types of love are possible" Thom went from Eros to Storge. (Romance and love of wife --> Love of crystal rocks melted down in to moon shaped pools of liquid crystal.) His Philia remains his love for his br0z in RH kickin out the wonderlight all across the globe. His Agape is obvi his love for Mago wid dat phatazz, with the alternate reading of the album art being some kind of nod to mother earth and topography. (far fetched and unlikely, possible but not probable) The "different types of love" line could also refer to Thom starting to like br0z more than droopy post 2 child strange. 2. Referenced above, thom chose his br0z b4 hoze 3. Thom is a mother fuvckin player amongst all playerz. Meaning he's stabbing black rimmed ultra hip academic gash from all over the world cuz he can. And why wouldnt you. Git it Thom. 4. Thom is in love with the crystal rock, which i think is the obvious underlying theme of this blatant concept album about Thom's head over heels love affair with the future drug. Look at the man's face. Cheek's dont just sink in like that. Plz beleeve. Or what the album art should look like/// *see profile pic it its doesnt show up properly. Also, i'd like to bring light a different topic i originally posted in a different thread: Prince was up for a week before he died. The man had 40,000 unreleased tracks in his vault. He was known to throw impromptu parties at 2 a.m. (my all time bestie performed for him at one of these mere months before his death. prince wouldnt let him smoke cigarettes on the premises). Prince was a tweaker. Dispute plz.
  5. sorry, i was on a missed radiohead who played 2 nights in a week less than a mile from my aparment/lost my job/and almost my gf bender. week long bender//////i still think thom does hard drugs
  6. Also, if we are going to label a record the worst, it's obvi Pablo honey.
  7. I just remember when hail to the thief hit it was like manna from heaven. After mainlining kid a and amnesiac for years I just dove right in. Ive never heard the opinion of other fans of this recotd and am/was shocked to hear people had any sort of negative opinion. There was no drop off in quality for me, and there never has been. From reading here I'm gathering there is also a negative opinion on the king of limbs, which also shcoks me. What gives with all the juddgement?
  8. What a disgusting thread. Completely unacceptable and unfounded. I will is gorgeous, the gloaming looms overhead. Wolf at the door? Myxamitossis? The author of this thread is obvi a troll of the lowest form and should be banned for life. Show you're face anon, fuggin coward
  9. What a disgusting thread. Completely unacceptable and unfounded. I will is gorgeous, the gloaming looms overhead. Wolf at the door? Myxamitossis? The author of this thread is obvi a troll of the lowest form and should be banned for life. Show you're face anon, fuggin coward
  10. there is no time to analyze homie, muh bois just being a vessel for that iridescent white light. See illustration below: #1 Iridescent universal white light --> Prism a.k.a we humans a.k.a. hooman perspective/our own personal lens on how we see the world --> all the colors of the rainbow a.k.a. all art/music/ideas/ #2 Iridescent universal white light --> Thom Yorke --> A Moon Shaped Pool #3 Iridescent universal white light --> Nikola Tesla/Elon Musk --> Tesla vehicles/lots of other shit we be the prisms homie
  11. This means it was 10 years ago that i first tried cocaine. purchased the bag in nyc and listened to the eraser on the LIRR out to the burbs. when i arrived at my spot i did the bag and listed to "there's no time to analyze", something i did entirely too much of at the time. my new life of living in the moment and saying fuck all to second doubting my own actions started right then and there. just one of many life altering moments that thommy boi (and his friends) has sparked. he is the ultimate vessel for the universal white light.
  12. thx for all the shoutouts guys. i was just laid off from my job today, this weekend we should see some epic drug bending meltdown posts. ill keep it classy. thanks for providing a consequence free sounding board for my early 30's meltdown! Next up on bulb's meltdown calendar: New GF just got back in town. Will bulb choose the fantasy world featuring a downward spiral that would make trent reznor cringe? OR safely float on down from cloud nine and live happily ever after with his new bff and super sexy lady friend. Also, dont miss bulb's epic battle with the organizers of Iceland's Secret Solstice festival. Who, after the first email exchange, chose to refuse bulb's request for refund due to missing Radiohead. Bulb has challenged the Secret Solstice organizers to petition Radiohead (whom they blame for the mix up and subsequent clusterfuck) for the mishap instead of taking ownership for fucking up their first truly big headlining act to be featured at their young festival. Much complaining was to be had about all the fantastically shitty features Iceland has to offer: including shitty 2nd rate european futbol as one of the main events of the MUSIC festival, exorbitently over priced icelandic wool sweaters and the shitty weather of the 24 hour sun music festival for which the sun was present for only 3 hours of my 96 hour trip, around midnight when Radiohead let out. Kind of trippy and kind of cool but not worth the price of admission and 32 hours of flights with no sleep it took to get there. (by the way, WOW airlines offers free flights to iceland when transferring flights...or something. its super cheap, and i suggest doing it just so you can fly over Greenland which looks like a fantastical fantasy world that man has never stepped foot on. The new frontier. Insane. I also dont know why i just advertised for Iceland who will rob you blind in their tourist trap. unless youre a rich european on holiday, which is who they are used to....l think.... Side note: Secret Solstice staff chose rejection of refund request to hinge on my complaint of the cold weather. My rebuttal included stating the fact that I'm also from a stuipdly cold place and thats not what i was complaining about. Missing the worlds greatest live act, who were crammed in to an ice skating rink, due to piss poor mgmt, was the reason for my refund request. He tried to bribe me with a light hearted round at the bar the next time he's in L.A., to which my retort was, "I dont drink anymore, but I'd love to share the local and world class, "L.A. Ice" as a peace offering for all the Icelandic ice you so generously treated me to." It's an excellent compliment to a 24 hour sun environment and your 32 hours of flights home will go by in a flash. Stay tuned! Also, who plays the guitar piece at the end of idenikit?
  13. couldnt agree more with the assessment of dik d. hes cornered himself a bit under the aphex twin alias, the other outlets broaden the spectrum a bit. however, i picked a few of the cassette tape re-releases and unreleased track mix tapes of some poppy mellowtron stuff from im not even sure what era. glitchless unpolished beats and textures. trippy and worth listening to
  14. while were at it, dont think johnny's not tweaking out on his gear over there. and ed? Ed's that clean cut dude that always snorts up all your blow. the unsuspecting should always be suspected first
  15. I'm sure it did, ain't nobody got time to be hatin on my real head homies that recognize other real head homies. I didn't have to spell it out for them because they were already paying attention. A lot of people in this thread seem to be doubting.
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