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  1. Festivals suck most of the time.
  2. You can say that about almost all their songs. That's what makes Radiohead 'Radiohead'...the pleasure of watching the band working at their craft, recreating the songs in a live environment with no outsiders. Unlike some bands I can name (Pink Floyd cough cough Rolling Stones), who hire a whole battalion of extra musicians to help them in concerts, Radiohead keep their integrity and do it themselves. "Decks Dark" was a particular favourite of mine to watch on this tour. Watching it start from the spare beginning to when the drums kick in and Jonny starts hitting those piano chords and then the moment when Jonny leaves the piano to attack his guitar...it's puts a smile on your face to watch sound scientists at work in the lab, so-to-speak. https://youtu.be/ESYHQpIsN58
  3. Well, that explains it. I haven't paid attention to Coldplay since their second album. Still, I don't understand the negativity directed towards "Jigsaw".
  4. What the hell is "Fix You"? I don't see it on any of my Radiohead albums.
  5. Live "Videotape" maybe. But not the album version.
  6. FFS people...get a grip. What is up with all this "Jigsaw" being a poppy bang a girl in the club song? "Jigsaw" ain't exactly 50 cent's "In Da Club", ferchrissakes. Don't be so afraid of human feelings and interaction. Do you want Thom to turn into some stick in the mud like Sting or Don Henley or Peter Gabriel? Singing about saving the planet gets boring when that is all you sing about. Most of the greatest music in the world has been inspired by man meets woman/woman meets man scenarios. Singing about climate change only gets you so far. And yes, Jigsaw > Videotape.
  7. I feel the same way about the beginning of The Numbers...and Decks Dark...and Desert Island Disk...and Ful Stop...eh, you get the idea.
  8. Japan often gets super cool setlists by visiting bands, so what surprises do you think Radiohead will unveil at their Japan shows? Any tour debut predictions?
  9. None of whom rate more than a footnote in the history of music. Richard is the only one on that list that has a claim to lasting impact. The Gallaghers? Billy C? Bwahahaha.
  10. "Scuzzy rock" to me means something like Black Sabbath and The Melvins.
  11. As we walked up Jefferson Monday on our way to the concert, we saw Jonny entering the Shrine from the Jefferson side and he stopped to sign stuff for the fans.
  12. Ok. Let's not go off the rails here. I don't know Thom personally but the few times I have seen him in real life, he has been pleasant enough. Certainly nothing to run from.
  13. I will say this in "The Bends" favour: "The Bends" has the better opening and closing songs than "In Rainbows". Planet Telex > 15 Step Street Spirit > Videotape
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