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  1. A Wolf at the Door. We know HTTT gets hate and honestly I think the album could have been more consistent and embodied a more Hi-Fi sound (not really a fan of the approach to recreate the live recording sound for the studio album) but this song hits me every time. It’s got the nude drum beat in 6/8 if I’m not mistaken and a real shinging moment for Thom’s vocals with his quasi rapping perfectly accenting the soaring vocals on the chorus. Lyrically it sums up the album for me as well.
  2. I think the album won't be overtly Brazilian, bossa-nova, samba, or generally Latin sounding in tone. At least not as much as some people would expect. I mainly think Ed is inspired by the polyrhythms and heavy grooves of the carnival music he experienced while in brazil. So, i think he'll show his influences through his rhythmic songwriting. I don't expect him to release ten songs of Brazilian carnival music. I don't expect his music to fall so neatly into that genre. But, maybe i'll be surprised.
  3. Gotcha. Yeah really more of a duo. I mean, I have no doubt that Thom writes all his material (lyrically and musically) for his solo albums, but Nigel's contribution is so important. Has any one listened to Nigel's band "Ultraista"?
  4. I've always loved TKOL, so my opinion didn't change for the better or worse after listening to A Moon Shaped Pool. I loved catching up on similarities between the albums though, songs like Codex and Give up the Ghost fit well with Desert Island Disk and The Numbers. Ful stop recalls the intricately layered groovier and more rhythmic half of TKOL, albeit in a colder way. The orchestral instruments utilized in TKOl also reappear in a more prominent way on AMSP, which I was happy about.
  5. You mean just between The Eraser and TMB? or are you including AMOK?
  6. Nose Grows Some is without a doubt my favorite track on the album, followed by The Mother Lode. I know what you mean about it begin stagnant, since that's a sentiment I've always felt until I relistened to it. The more minor and less climactic tracks have opened up to me though and I find they have a really subtle powerfulness to them, like interference and Guess Again!, even Pink Section. I do wish There is No Ice (for my Drink) was a bit less skeletal, but that's kind of the sound of the album.
  7. Yeah, I think Drew Barrymore is a bigger influence on the album than anything else haha
  8. I feel like every album is in some way influenced by the process of recording and touring its' predecessor.
  9. Radiohead recorded In Rainbow's in Tottingham House, which is close to Savernake Forest. The band would very often visit the forest where "The King of Limbs" tree is located. So, the band were really in touch with nature and surrounded by this beautifully old forest during the recording process of In Rainbows. It's hard to say this experience didn't rub off on TKOL.
  10. Fuck all of your bickering. I honestly never thought about the direct nature references. I think it's more apparent for the latter two albums, but it is cool that In Rainbows marked a new era for the band and their past two albums fit nicely alongside In Rainbow. You know, A Moon Shaped Pool has the similar instrumentation and songwriting of In Rainbows, whereas TKOL was inspired by the experience of recording In Rainbows (among other things obviously). I wonder if LP10 will mark a complete departure from the connections these albums have, or if it will be a continuation of each.
  11. I relistened to the song because of this post, paying close attention to the baseline. Colin is such a masterclass bassist and this proves it. He ties this entire song together so beautifully.
  12. Well that aggravates me too. It's still so fresh and every song feels new
  13. Hahaha, no one's calling it lazy. This album is without question the greatest representation of Radiohead's ability to call back to older material in order to recreate songs to fit the mood of the current album. It's something they've always done, but it's most apparent on this album.
  14. Present Tense was performed by Thom during a solo concert at Latitude fest as well as the pathway to paris concert in which eh also debuted The Numbers, (titled Silent Spring at the time) and desert Island disk
  15. I unfortunately got used to the live version of identikit and like it more than the album version.
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