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  1. Given the circumstances, I doubt they'll be rehearsing many other songs than what they've done already for this tour. I hope they'll do a bit less crowd-pleasers, at least in the non-festival concerts.
  2. fff


    A bit off topic I guess, but I wonder why it takes almost three months from them knowing who's headlining and actually releasing the names. I mean, do they have to wait for the full list of minor artists to also be complete or something?
  3. I only saw this today. jfc wtf... Condolences to the family, in particular to the children...
  4. *Softly kisses e-tickets to Stockholm* My precious.
  5. Tbh this "the live version is better" happens more or less every time a song debuts live before ever being a studio version. I think mostly because people have a hard time to accept change in general.
  6. I just listened again to The Bends, after not having done so in quite a while, thinking "maybe I'm missing something". No, I wasn't. Good grief, IR is light-years ahead. Whoever thinks TB > IR has no sense of anything. Sorry.
  7. This, a thousand times this! That man is an endless well of talent!
  8. I'm totally ok with being batshit insane. But stating that Jigsaw is the best thing they've ever done is almost insulting. For the boys that is, not for me...
  9. Somehow I think the fact that this was the last record done for EMI influenced it. Sort of "fuck it all y'all" feeling to it.
  10. And this is going to sound so sweet on vinyl yeahhhh *happy dance*
  11. Ugh I can't wait to get my hands on the special edition, September can't come fast enough. I'm really curious about the tape bits.
  12. Not surprised that Jigsaw would be a favourite among those preferring TB, since lyrically it would actually fit better there than in IR. Melodically, it does fit IR better though. But definitely not one of the best moments in IR.
  13. What the heck. IR is superior in every aspect except being a post-grunge,angsty album. It was great to listen to TB in the 90s - move on!
  14. I agree with all of this except DID is about experiments with homosexuality. Different types of love are possible, if you know what I mean wink wink nudge nudge!
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