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  1. Sorry for the spam guys, but listening to these for the first time and I'm overcome with joy and excitement. The Nude demo is awesome (the "you'll go to hell part" espiclally)
  2. Those different chords in (final chorus of the) the No Surprises soundcheck are lovely
  3. Of the download links I could find, they were blocked by Sky Broadband (who we're with). So when I thought there was no hope... citizen insane saves the day! Listening to some of the stuff on the tape for the first time rn. God that MPS Demo is amazing.
  4. Imo, I Promise and Lift are 90s era, and Man Of War is 'mainly' AMSP era (the "yeah, yeah, yeah" part sounds like young Thom to me)
  5. Sorry to hear that We arrived at about 7:10 (rough estimate) and were in by 7:25 ish,
  6. Well that was bloody brilliant. First Radiohead gig and probably the best concert I've ever been too. What a great setlist, what a great performance, and what a great night!
  7. Surprised to see 2+2=5 is so low on the majority of lists EIIRP 2+2=5 Airbag Planet Telex 15 Step Packt Burn The Witch Bloom You
  8. Buzzing for tomorrow. Bring it onnnn
  9. At the moment, I Promise. Lovely. Let Down too, although to be fair I'm always obsessed with that one
  10. Unashamed to admit I got up dancing at that bit! Ace groove! Sounded mint
  11. WIEAYB Where I End And You Begin vs I Will
  12. MPS Motion Picture Soundtrack vs Videotape
  13. meh, personal opinion. I rate both very highly though, regardless
  14. Nah, Karma Police > Optimistic for me any day Reckoner Reckoner vs Nude
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