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  1. See, now this is good humor! Sarcastic, yes. Caustic, yes. Serious not really. I'm actually harmless.....
  2. Excuse me? Click bait. Are you one of those millenials who can't spend 10 seconds of your precious time to click on a link, or are you too stupid to pass up such click bait making you look even more stupid? I've been around a long time Radiohead boards, irony, sarcasm, and "click bait" aren't lost on intelligent people. Now get back to facebook and git' sum more selfies posted before your friends get concerned...
  3. Why did one of my favorite humans ever ruin such a beautiful song like "True Love Waits" to what is on LP? I mean going from this: To the dreck that's on AMSP.....
  4. I agree for the most part but Kid A and Amnesiac were quite similar. Even though it's said that Amnesiac was a continuation or "leftovers" from the Kid A sessions they were two different albums. I guess I could be splitting hairs there....
  5. Noted. But I imagine he had some input from the band to come up with that quote, of course I could be wrong. I've been with the band since the beginning and you are correct, they like to stay out of the limelight and are pretty tight lipped. But since I haven't listened to the album myself I was wondering if it's accurate.
  6. See long thread title above for question. http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/04/radioheads-new-album-out-in-june-will-be-like-nothing-youve-ever-heard/
  7. If you check ebay, there are already sales for the limited edition box set. Told ya... The vultures can't wait whether it sells out or not. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RADIOHEAD-A-MOON-SHAPED-POOL-Special-Edition-Vinyl-2LP-2CD-NEW-ALBUM-/152084765451?hash=item2368f55b0b:g:WvYAAOSwInxXMABU $146.00 LoL
  8. Totally agree, after really looking at the black disc you can make it out pretty well. Not happy about that at all. I would have picked a dozen others before that.
  9. Without getting into the particulars after hearing True Love Waits over the past two years I'm not sure I'll be able to handle hearing another version of it, that song has for a reason been a heartbreaker for me since a personal crisis in my life left my heart as empty as it is today. Whatever Thom's reason for writing it I've learned that True Love really doesn't wait, I only thought it did.
  10. I know it sounds nuts but I've been with Radiohead since the beginning so I'm used to the non instant gratification of the band. I have 8 lps that can be revisited from now until then to keep me occupied besides the other 30 or 40 cds or lps I've purchased that haven't been given a listen to yet. Plus I do have a life and the summer keeps me busy with mountain and road biking along with racquetball and golf so I'll survive.... Just knowing that I've got a special edition on the way will give me something to look forward to since in Wisconsin September is almost winter so it'll keep me warm through the winter.
  11. I can't believe that I will have enough willpower will all the accolades being thrown down here to wait until I get the special edition box in September to listen to this properly on my Rega Planet/Stax Electrostat system. I do have willpower but it only extends to a certain degree. And the vinyl will just be a bonus....
  12. I've seen people putting up for sale immediately after something goes on sale and has yet to be put out. Wouldn't be surprised to see the boxsets on sale within a few days. Went back to the beginning of this thread and it's almost comical on how far off people were on what would be included on this album. Funny how speculation works....
  13. Any predictions on when they will start hitting ebay?
  14. I have to say I'm disappointed as well that there are only two tracks on the bonus disc. Guess I was 1/4 right.... But the inclusion of the tape from recording sessions is kind of cool.
  15. I ordered 2 boxsets, one with the MP3 and one with the WAV file and both reciepts came about 2 minutes after.
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