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  1. And in the spirit of the halcyon days that the rarity, excitement and anticipation of excellently quotable lines that form the emotions that accompany the general furore that is a new MGS release that will surely manifest this summer, I am in the mood to celebrate. To this end, I have decided to post under an alias which is the name of a minor character of the Metal Gear Solid series until I am bored of doing so, and I urge the other fans of this groundbreaking series to follow suit. I choose (Bagsy) the Armstech president, Kenneth Baker. Go.
  2. Agreed. Also the whole WaWa Kitty thing. That was truly epic.
  3. arto

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    Dude. You don't get Cheeky Vimtos daan saaf? Girls and queers drink them up here. It was somewhat ironic. It's like Blue WKD with some sort of godawful bollocks that passes for spirits these days. Gets t'lasses leathered really quickly and cheaply. lol.
  4. arto

    major cash

    Outsidaz, baby, and sue in the courts, 'cos we dope as fuck, and only get a "2" in The Source.
  5. arto

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    It's okay, fella. When and if you see me in London, we'll talk about it over a Cheeky Vimto and some crisps or summat.
  6. When Penny was talking about his excess foreskin. "I'm kneading it now and smelling my fingers, it traps piss smell."
  7. arto

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    This is why I don't like going out anywhere with you, baby. You always make a big fuss about things and embarrass me.
  8. Then a dog finds out he's a robot.
  9. arto

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    'Cos you're always freakin' n shit.
  10. ...And now we have something that overtakes major cash as the best thread of 2008
  11. Saying that big nations shouldn't only host the tournament because "It would get boring" is pretty gay. If you need to co-host, then you don't have the facilities to host, period. I am not bitter about England not qualifying. I am a football fan before I am an England fan. I was giving England as an example because I obviously know the most about their qualifying campaign and general status in the world of football. International football tournaments are made better due to the underdogs, surely and without a doubt, but letting two nations who are not in the top flight of the sport host a tournament is absurd. I'd much rather see a European championship in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, or Portugal, single nations that a: Have the neccessary stadia and b: sizeable clout in international football than see two nations that are both going to fail resoundingly in the group stages host the tournament. Portugal and the Czechs played their game in a 30,000 seater stadium. That's less than some 2nd flight stadia in the English league. I just don't see why they were chosen as hosts. It's completely unrepresentative of European football.
  12. Agreed. There was a four way bid for this tournament by Scandinavia. That would have been utterly insane. Because of Greece, Austria and Switzerland automatically qualifying, We get teams like England not getting through. Technically England are at the highest the 17th best team in Europe, which is absurd for a team that got to the quarter finals of the last world cup, have several players that would be considered amongst the best in the world, have a domestic league that is rivalled by few and only just missed out on qualification this time 'round. I think the tournament should be only offered to those teams who qualified for the knockout stages of the last one, therefore assuring no byes for teams like Austria, who will probably get no points and go straight out, just like Switzerland. It's supposed to be a battle for supremacy between the best teams in Europe, not the best teams in Europe and two that got lucky by having a questionably successful bid with below-par stadia...
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