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  1. Fail. Reasons for fail: 01: Sub-par quotery. 02: Unnecessary explanation of joke. 03: Incorrect context for quote.
  2. I have a few songs that I might post up here. My best stuff by far is random bullshit that pops up into my ahead when something happens: You misrepresent the truth, then laugh it all out, Then you want to try and tax the spit in my mouth. I can taste blood on the back of my throat: It hurts the most when someone hurts you close. I wrote a song about LSD that I could post, I suppose.
  3. Something he has heard far too many times.
  4. I actually watched The Architect's speech over and over 3 years ago, and now I fully understand it. Or I did at the time.
  5. haha this guy's entire contribution to the board was that post and his topic about interpol amazing
  6. When a mediocre pop single from 1993 gets into the top 40, it says a lot about the state of modern music.
  7. We'll be on TV in September. More details to follow. We now have a gig in Bridegend, near Cardiff. Uhm, I sing on Bar 69. And I doubt it's a gastropub? We were told it is a dedicated venue.
  8. I will let you come as long as you enjoy the gig ironically
  9. YES to both comments if you both come i will be really happy and stuff.
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