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  1. I was surprise to hear the state of his vocals at the Roundhouse shows. Either he had some kind of throat issue or maybe he's sick but his vocals were not the usual amazing Thom. Don't get me wrong he's amazing but his voice was lacking.
  2. This solo at the end of Talk Show Host from the Roundhouse shows last week. He never solos like that and they just kind of jammed it out at the end. This is one of my favorite RH tunes
  3. Man they look so young. Of course they were then but Jonny always kind of looks the same. He looks like hey rarely ages
  4. I love that guitar he used in this. It's not something you see at your local guitar shop. He has such a unique way of playing guitar. Simply on w of a kind
  5. Yeah this is good stuff here. Love this song and the whole build up at the end makes your hair stand up.
  6. True! As a guitar player myself I get the setup factor and maybe some durable strings but sometimes she. You see footage of him it still just amazes me there isn't broken strings or tuning issues. With the money though he probably has the best of the best
  7. Oh that could be. I can't remember where I read about that. It really does make the song
  8. They would totally appreciate that gesture. You should still complete that task.
  9. I know and it was him trying to sabatoge the song. I've read that he didn't like the song or something and tried to mess it up and it ended up working.
  10. Man I wish I could go and travel and see several RH shows. It would be a dream for me to be that close to
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