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  1. I won't get heavy. Don't get heavy. Keep it light and keep it moving. I am doing no harm. As my world comes crashing down I'm dancing, freaking out, deaf, dumb, and blind.
  2. Has this been done already? http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/10/radioheads-ed-obrien-to-release-solo-album-next-year/
  3. I like watching Thom sing, when he gets really into it and just loses himself
  4. 1. You 2. Planet Telex 3. Airbag 4. 2+2=5 5. Everything In It's Right Place 6. Pyramid Song 7. Nude 8. Climbing Up The Walls 9. Bulletproof... I Wish I Was
  5. i was just listening to some of this stuff the other day, it's pretty interesting to hear how they approached music when they were less experienced.
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