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  1. hey, i'm in toronto, ontario, canada and was just wondering if anyone in the area has gotten their discbox yet, i'm getting antsy! sorry to waste the time of anyone who is not in the area!
  2. Who else thinks that the live versions from last year sound better then the album version? I got so into the live versions right when the drums picked up and it started getting faster, but hearing the album version sorta makes me wish they didn't change it. it sorta lost some life... anyone else agree? (ps - i still think its a really good song, i just liked it better live)
  3. awesome... i hope so man next wednesday can't come fast enough!!
  4. yeah i'm hoping for 320kpbs too... get some sexy quality
  5. How's this download gonna go? - Standard mp3 format? - 192 kpbs? - In a regular folder/zipped folder? - Certain program usability? Odds are that it will just be basic mp3 but i'm still wondering how they'll go about this... If anyone has information let me know! Cheers.
  6. wow hey thats a reasonable response. i'm just informing you guys, i didn't say you had to like it or not. but if i died right now this minute wouldn't you feel bad? jerk!
  7. hey everyone, just downloaded the new kanye west mixtape cause i'm diggin the new songs (stronger, can't tell me nothing) and one of the tracks called "us placers" is the whole thom yorke song "the eraser" with kanye west, lupe fiasco, and pharrell rapping over it. it goes pretty well i have to say, give it a listen you might agree! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1MUDKG9M cheers.
  8. just wondering... he's got some pretty decent style well at least nowadays
  9. yeah... makes me want to kill them as well lol... and they fucking butchered karma police... yelling at the top of his lungs? i realize that they're supposed to sound different but its just horrible
  10. okay what the fudge? my friend makes me watch this show with him when we hang out and every time its on someone covers a radiohead song... and alot of the time they butcher it!! anyone else pissed about this? lol
  11. was thinking of kid a bear on left side ankle... want to do a certain colour in the eyes though... i'm just not sure of what.
  12. here ya go man... no cheers.
  13. okay okay so i know its not 'official radiohead talk' but don't know where else to put it... which of the two new b-sides from the harrowdown hill singles do you prefer? vote and explain why.
  14. i had to go with kid a cause it just gets me pumped up more... gets me more interactive i guess... but i love all the other ones
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