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  1. I go several times a year and don't speak a lick of French. Never had any issue at all
  2. Just picked up tickets for me and my girlfriend Soooo beyond happy right now
  3. Mookie Wilson

    MLB Thread

    The jays are heating up
  4. Mookie Wilson

    NBA 15/16

    Raps and okc final Nbas worst nightmare
  5. Mookie Wilson

    NBA 15/16

    After tonight we need that top 10 pick
  6. Am I the only one who can't stand identikit? It as well as the numbers can get fucked
  7. Whoa I made this thread a very, very long time ago I'm guessing you're all fat now...?
  8. Mookie Wilson

    NBA 15/16

    Lol no call Nba... you so silly
  9. Mookie Wilson

    MLB Thread

    It's sad the jays and rangers don't play again
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