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  1. The IR Videotape isn't the original Videotape anyway... That is the real debate...which is better Original Videotape or IR Videotape? The original has more going on... https://youtu.be/YH3GGREPj-c
  2. I like Faust Arp...Don't get me wrong...However, it is more like an interlude or intermezzo piece to me. It's cute, lilting...I like the lyrics... When I say it is the "worst" that is deceiving because IR is my second favorite Radiohead album, so it isn't last by any means...Plus, it is a Radiohead piece which automatically lifts it into the stratosphere in comparison with other bands... However, the other pieces on IR just seem to dwarf it. Plus...it goes into Reckoner...I mean, how is it supposed to compete with that??
  3. I was thinking about ranking the songs on the album as I was listening to it yesterday while I ran... These are just my personal rankings of the songs...Worst to best... 10. Faust Arp 9. Videotape 8. All I Need 7. House of Cards 6. 15 Step 5. Nude 4. Bodysnatchers 3. Jigsaw Falling Into Place 2. Reckoner 1. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi How would you rank the songs?
  4. Louis CK has admitted that the accusations are true... FX has cut ties with him. Yep... Guilty AF! So as I was saying... Not a good example to use for making your point...
  5. Not saying anything about him being guilty... Chill out, Dude... However, these ALLEGATIONS are definitely not a good thing.
  6. To add to your comments Scrumch... Apparently Louis CK (who I have seen live and consider my favorite comedian) has been accused of sexual harassment...So using him as a measuring stick for those rallying against the PC police is probably not a good thing... Just saying...
  7. From the IR era of songs and stuff...Apparently released 11/9/07...So 10 years ago today! The Smiths: Joy Division/New Order:
  8. IR hasn't aged for me either...In fact I appreciate it more now than I did then. For me, it remains my second favorite Radiohead album behind Kid A... It is a masterpiece.
  9. I second that motion... Radiohead should have done the 10th Anniversary right! All in favor say 'Aye!'
  10. As someone who can speak of the power of tits, I have to admit... Tits best balls every. single. time. The End.
  11. According to a SPIN article, Radiohead are going to be releasing a 400 page career-spanning songbook (including all album songs, B-sides, and "deeper cuts) on 11/27/17... Add it to your Holiday Wish List... https://www.spin.com/2017/10/radiohead-songbook/
  12. I don't know... I kind of think it fits with such tracks as Decks Dark and The Numbers... Just my opinion.
  13. Same with Treefingers... I actually can't imagine Kid A without it... It may seem like a filler piece, but it is actually a beautiful interlude from the first half of the album to the second. It's almost like Radiohead purposely puts these pieces on each record as a sort of intermezzo, but they are necessary, not superfluous.
  14. I'll play, too... 15 Step = good Bodysnatchers = great Nude = good Weird Fishes/Arpeggi = best song on the album and in Radiohead's repertoire All I Need = average Faust Arp= okay Reckoner= great House of Cards= good Jigsaw Falling Into Place= great Videotape= okay For me IR is the second best Radiohead album after Kid A... I love it.
  15. It's actually been 9 months...but it feels like 4 years... Trump is definitely threatening...look at the executive orders he has signed (the travel ban being the tip of the iceberg)...Plus!! Leaving the Paris Climate accord...Undoing all of Obama's legislation...the white supremacy...lying every second of everyday...Russia...the misogyny...the egotism...the revolving Cabinet and WH staff door...Etc. Etc. I am afraid to ask 'What next?' because I am afraid someone will say, 'Trump launched nuclear weapons at North Korea because Kim Jong Un said his hair looks like a bad toupee...' Really scary... :o
  16. So you're saying Bush is the egg while Trump is the chicken sprung from his loins? Interesting... By the way, I love how even a celebration of IR can be infiltrated by politics...wasn't HTTT the political album?? I guess in this administration...nothing is sacred.
  17. Has the light gone out for you, because the light's gone out for me... It is the 21st Century...It is the 21st Century... Regardless of HTTT's drug identity...I think pot is a good choice for IR... Many have said IR is a gateway Radiohead album... So there is that.
  18. Hmmm...Were bath salts around in 2003? HTTT was as scary as some guy coming to gnaw off your face??? That IS pretty scary... But now we have Trump...so *full body shudders*
  19. Awhile back a redditor posed the "What if each album were a drug" question... Apparently the correct answer is: PH --> cheap whisky (feels good & warm but leaves you feeling empty when it's gone) TB --> craft beer (goes down easy, but it hits you quicker than anticipated) OKC --> mushrooms (most people's first experience into the next level) KA --> LSD (further down the rabbit hole) A --> DMT(a short, but wild trip that takes lots of crazy turns) HTTT --> ecstasy (a nice long trip of warm sounds and emotions that becomes depressing towards the end of the trip) IR --> marijuana (a chill buzz that most people are open to experiencing) TKoL --> cocaine (a burst of relentlessness with an inevitable crash) AMSP --> red wine (goes down easy and warm, but you'll soon be drunk-texting your ex with sadness and regret) Not really sure about TKoL or AMSP...I think crystal meth might better fit TKoL myself... But I, too, am straight-edge and don't do drugs...So I need to rely on the experiences of others. Anyone care to add their opinion?
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