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  1. Through the magical, mystical process of listening I determine my subjective impressions of music.
  2. It's maybe a song too long, but otherwise a muted, sad album which I very much enjoy when I listen to it.
  3. Listening to it now for the first time a few months. Beautifully fuggy foggy analoguey throwbacky it is too.
  4. Unless you compare using the same source player at exactly the same vplume it's pointless. But it's almost entirely definite all formats use the same master so any differences you think you hear will be wrong.
  5. Indeed I do, pretty often. First listen to A Moon Shaped Pool was with a nicely filled glass of Jura Superstition slipping down like warmed honey.
  6. Death is not the end. Hologram for The King Of Limbs anyone?
  7. Recording of 3rd Roundhouse show just dropped on Dime - and its incredible, easily the best tape of the tour thus far. I've upped it here if anyone wants it: https://www.mediafire.com/?wj875gdsyj6r69x And here's some artwork I've done for it: http://imgur.com/F8VVEGs
  8. I'd like to suggest the vibe of the album probably has much to do with recording it at La Fabrique. Pretty hard to get riled up when you're in such a beautiful setting, I'd imagine. Check out Nick Cave's Push The Sky Away for another album recorded there, with a remarkably similar woozy atmosphere permeating the tracks.
  9. Don't diss the Daydreaming! Such a sublime song, a staggering work of genius on its own that gains even more power by its placing in the tracklist. How do you follow that peaking angry Psycho slash of the violins in BTW? With the sad washed out reflection of Daydreaming, an exhausted calm after the storm. Sunlight streaming into the white room - a beautifully mysterious image; is it death? heaven? A hospital bed? A divorce lawyers office? By the way,check out the lyrics to White Room by Cream - a spooky analogue to AMSP. Then after the day and its dreaming? Into your life there comes a darkness. Just the most exquisite sequencing, at least to my ears.
  10. I assume it has been mentioned already but it just struck me that "Tinker Tailor..." Is the phrase used in the tradtional young girls fortune telling game where they try to decide who they will marry. So the "all you have to do is say yes" makes perfect sense and is actually pretty devastating given the song that follows.
  11. New 5/5 review in Sputnik http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review/70879/Radiohead-A-Moon-Shaped-Pool/
  12. As Mr Pitt so sagely observes in Fight Club, over a long enough time line all of our chances drop to zero. Likewise, over a long enough time line, all of Radiohead's albums make sense.
  13. From the artwork down, TKOL strokes me as a kind of sonic Grimm fairy tale, a semi-spooky glitchy Radiohead for grown up kids. Didn't Thom even do a childrens book with Stanley round this time? Also pretty sure he talked about Separator being inspired by a kids thing, but I might be wrong. Interesting then that they begin AMSP with BTW which contains a nursery rhyme reference and a video based on a kids tv programme, but which is clearly a poisoned apple and not the 'sweetest fruits' of Seperator. If TKOL was their dayglo songs of innocence, then AMSP is the bleak denatured experience on the flip side.
  14. I wonder if Johnny's soundtrack career meant they went more for a sustained mood than intrusive sturm und drang.
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