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  1. I kinda get this vibe myself. The vibe has been positively serene. That and the sets they've played have had a pretty equal distribution across their discography with no focus on amsp at all. Of course I hope that's not the case and the band are just in a great place.
  2. Finally found an alternate account I could log into. 'sup MT! I was at Toronto night 1, they were incredible and I had my first RH GA experience. Night 2 looked a lot better and I'm still kicking myself for not getting tickets for both nights upfront. They have improved so much since I saw them at MSG in 2016. Ful Stop is pretty much their greatest live song ever atm, I was blown away at that one in particular. And uh, shameless plea for a night 1 GA ticket for philly next week, I'm going to be in town for mbv and I really REALLY want to experience this amazing live show again once more before they inevitably hibernate for a few years.
  3. This For the people saying spectre has already been released multiple times: so has Burn the Witch, so has Daydreaming, the full album you could've had on vinyl and CD months ago. There is nothing strange about adding Spectre to the bonus disc. Again, it's inclusion does not mean it's taking the spot of some other unreleased track: two bonus songs is all these sessions had to offer. It is as simple as that. The band is regrouping for more dates in 2017, so its too early to think it's going to be another 5 year wait for more music. Just take a deep breath ok
  4. Someone on discogs said they contacted waste customer service and they told them the special edition would ship toward the end of the month. Annoying, but this is how it always goes isn't it. I can wait I guess, this will probably be the last new Radiohead song for a couple years at least
  5. When I was originally getting into the band, HTTT was the first one that felt like a drop off in quality on first listen. After a few months I think it was the one I was going back to the most though, so I understand what you mean. At one point I would've ranked it 3rd. After amsp it's probably fallen to 5th for me. It is inconsistent, but there's a loose quality to it that most of their albums are missing, so even relative filler like punch-up is novel for how laid back it feels. Also, the album feels the most live sounding of any of their albums. I really wish ful stop for example sounded half as visceral as myxo does on Thief for example
  6. My uncle has a reel to reel tape player, gonna borrow it and see if I can get my piece to play. Looking forward to the SE a lot, especially if the bonus track doesn't leak ahead of time
  7. I think present tense is my one disappointment. It's not bad or anything, but I was expecting something much more intense than what we ended up with. And the coffee house direction, I was expecting something more like the live version
  8. My friend got that album cover shirt. It looks pretty cool but I got the black one with the velvet letters, it looks more like something I could wear in public without offending my STEM peers
  9. Revisiting this album hard after seeing them at msg. Huge staying power reminding me of in Rainbows. This is easily top 4 for me, maybe even edging out okc for #3. It has everything I want in a Radiohead album pretty much, and no tracks I would cut, which is something I think only IR and Kid A can match for me
  10. Yeah that's harsh. The cover is good! If there's anything worth dragging this new guy for its his utterly trite, shite screen name
  11. This is master shortpants/ long fork reporting in for tonight It's finally happening, oh man. I've been a fan for 7 years now. I was going to see them in Toronto in 2012 but the stage crashed just as we were about to leave for Toronto. I haven't allowed myself to get as hyped as last time. I've been exploring New York with some friends for the last few days and I'm actually pretty tired at the moment. But I'm thinking tonight is going to be an emotional experience. Have fun everyone!
  12. Had a dream about this for some reason. The album opens with a lo fi reprise of give up the ghost and somewhere in there is a pretty nice version of present tense with live drums that sound sorta like morning Bell.
  13. Just when you thought the hype was on holiday. If they drop a single and then wait two months to drop the album I will melt my king of Limbs vinyl into a chip bowl
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