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  1. Some people can be really inconsiderate but it is easy to make assumptions if you know nothing about that person's private life. All I'm hoping is that Thom and the family are not checking the media so they don't see all this negativity.
  2. I was just talking about this with my husband a couple months ago. I was saying how scary it was that people could just grow apart after being together for two decades, it only made me think that love is bullshit and nothing is to be trusted. If it made me feel that way, I said, I wonder how their kids thought about it. Probably will never put any effort in any relationship because of this doubt and fear of inevitable end. I didn't know or think then that it might have been more complicated than that. Thom and the rest of them have always been reticent regarding their personal lives. They all must have gone through a lot without letting the media dip its claws. Guess I'm just finding this all too shocking. It's like deja vu, hearing about David Bowie's death and seeing the album in a whole new ominous and poignant light. AMSP is unbelievably disarming and vulnerable, and this makes it even more so. Sorry I'm being garrulous. It's been a rough week and I'm struggling to make sense of life. Busy busy busy.
  3. Fuck cancer for real. This is really sad. I can't imagine what Thom and the kids must be going through. It's rough losing your partner of two decades, and your mother at such a young age. Definitely will make it harder for us fans to listen to songs on the new album specifically. True Love Waits hurt too much already. :/
  4. In Limbo made me lol. I also tried not to look at the choices except when I couldn't figure it out right away. Fun game though, there should be one for lyrics, oh yes. EDIT: The one with the camel made me immediately think it's Pyramid Song XD
  5. Blimey. How much are Manc tickets? Just curious, just in case...
  6. Cheers love. Hopefully I can catch them later. Or I'd go to Ed, Phil, or Thom's solo gigs Idc.
  7. Unless I was sure, I wouldn't suggest that to my husband because he'll be at work when they go on sale. He's the only one that can buy them as all debit cards have been blocked from buying online in Egypt. It's so far in the future that other things at the moment are taking priority (like booking exams, plane tickets, holiday time, etc.)
  8. I am literally crying. Uncertainty is a fucking killer. I don't know if I'll be in the UK comes July because (if everything goes well) I will be applying for a visa in mid April and it takes "up to 3 months" to get accepted (again, if everything goes well and it gets accepted. Fuck UKVI for real) however, some get accepted much sooner, and I'll be living really close to Manc. There's this massive dichotomy about whether I should just risk it and buy them (as if I can even fucking book anything; tickets will disappear in a heartbeat), or if I should let it go and possibly miss the only chance of ever seeing them live. Put a gun to my head and paint the walls with my brains.
  9. I just listened to the album again today so I'll try and see how it goes... 1. Present Tense, a million times! 2 [a]. Decks Dark . The Numbers 3. Glass Eyes 4 [a]. Identikit . Burn the Witch 5. Daydreaming 6. Desert Island Disks 7. True Love Waits (I know. I find it plain unless I'm really sad and atm I'm not) 8. Ful Stop (Come at me, MT) 9. Tinker Tailor Yeah this might change tomorrow.
  10. I find Colin very fascinating/intriguing. There's something about his overly focused face and performance that steals every shot he's in, which is a shame there aren't that many due to his position right at the back and the fact that the cameras are focused mostly on Jon and Thom. He always looks like he's concentrating so hard to hold everything together, while at the same time drifting off trying to remember whether he left the oven on or something. EDIT: Oh also I think it's adorable when he's waving/clapping in between songs or in the background when he's not playing!
  11. Haven't paid attention to the lyrics tbh. I'd like to see box' tracklisting though. Which thread was that on?
  12. I found it boring and forgettable. It could even be my least favourite on the album, at least WSYB has something to it. Scatterbrain is very bleak.
  13. Okay let's all agree that those who don't think Jigsaw is the best thing Radiohead has written are even crazier than those who voted for The Bends in this poll.
  14. I've been trying to find a way to sort the tracks of this album in a way that would make it better and not include Sit Down. Stand Up Go to Sleep We Suck Young Blood I Will A Punchup at a Wedding Scatterbrain Can't find the perfect balance though, but I'm sure some of you fine folk can do it better so if anyone cares to recreate/re-arrange the album for me, that would be great!
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