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    Usually Idioteque... right now I'm in love with Staircase
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    Kid A
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    Andrew Jackson Jihad, the Smiths, Boards of Canada, REM, Weezer, Xiu Xiu
  1. I don't like him as much as I used to- he's become kind of a tool over the past year- but this was a good review, though his criticisms of the Kid A vocals were kinda bizarre.
  2. Over a year late, but I would kill for a Cuttooth performance. Love that song. And they brought back Orgy for the last tour, so it's not impossible. Bump. Part of me would kind of like to see Creep performed. It's not my favorite RH song, but it's the one that got me into them, and all the videos I've seen of it being played live just make its performances seem like such glorious, joyful communal experiences. It's the song that introduced Radiohead to the world, and as they've grown and evolved so have the people who first heard the song and connected so deeply with it, and its performances seem like a celebration of where we all came from. If that makes any sense... it might not.
  3. Big Goddamn Motherfucking Boots. I already figure Identikit will be on there, and Follow Me Around is still popping up on setlists, but Big Boots seems dead right now and I don't want that! At the very least it should be a Bond theme or something.
  4. Identikit, Big Boots, Lift, Cut a Hole, etc. I could rip 'em from Youtube but I figure there are higher-quality versions floating around out there.
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