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  1. It's really commercial sounding for Radiohead but I think a full version would be nice to have. They have to post that at some point, right?
  2. I saw them once before, at MSG last year, and this was infinitely better. I had a second row seat dead center and the whole thing was like out of a dream. Wandering around that little town halfway across the world on my own, listening to the soundcheck then coming back after dark and settling into my spot, the venue was gorgeous and the whole crowd went completely silent once they started playing. You could hear a pin drop during Nude. The atmosphere was incredible, people were crying, it's just a great memory and I can't help but gush, I'll never forget it. I've seen a good 30 or 40 shows so far and only a couple that I would call life changing/affirming, and this one was right up there.
  3. Always thought this was the one Radiohead song that deserved an official alternate version, I just never thought they'd actually do it. But they're breaking all sorts of their conventions this year. Imagining it will be similar to the Macerata version, with strings. Should be ace!
  4. It's good but you lose a lot of the depth for lack of a better word. And the way the music naturally reverberated around the venue and out into the air is lost in translation. Really makes you appreciate how mind blowing some of these shows must have been when the shitty bootlegs sound life changing
  5. Sure was Thanks for the flac link btw
  6. Arpeggi was just perfect. His vocals on a couple of these were the best I've ever heard them, and I've heard my fare share of boots. How to disappear completely especially was just spot on
  7. I would have preferred an I Froze Up or Floodgates but yeah, it was pretty nuts. I wonder if we'll ever get those particular odds and ends now. Floodgates and Skirting already debuted like 7 years ago now, they deserve recordings if not slots on an LP
  8. Why do you set yourself up for bullying like this
  9. It was an incredible night. The atmosphere was perfect, the audience was completely silent the majority of the show out of reverence. You could hear a pin drop during nude. I spoke with fans from across the globe and everyone agreed it was the best show they had seen from them. People were crying, I've just never seen anything like it.
  10. What is a millennial defined as anyways? It always seems like such a vague "stupid young people!" tag
  11. I will say that it seems the rise of that subreddit has really hurt traffic here. Most new fans these days I think go straight for that place. Do we want the young blood anyways?
  12. It's a good source for news and links to quality content, but the nature of Reddit upvote culture means dissenting opinions are discouraged, discussion is very hivemind and boring. For better or worse, none of the boardie spice and zest that we love so much here is there to flavor things up.
  13. They just soundchecked a wolf at the door and follow me around here in Macerata, among others. This show is going to kick ass!
  14. Hard to see something like as anything other than bullying, idk man
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