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    Coldplay, The Killers, Keane, Oasis, Britney Spears, Chemical Brothers, Tommy James and The Shondells, The Turtles, The Fray, Eminem, Ludaciris, Wu Tang Clan, every other kind of music also.

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  1. Karma Police Fake Plastic Trees You and Whose Army Those are really the only ones I have been waiting for a long time and havent gotten to see yet. I have been to 4 shows with no Karma Police, the song that got me into Radiohead. haha. Oh well, they play all great songs so its tough to get the exact setlist I want
  2. House of Cards, Electioneering and any other really fast guitar songs that arent really my type of Radiohead songs. Mostly off Pablo Honey and a FEW off The Bends. I have never been a huge fan of My Iron Lung.
  3. I just got the bear yesterday ahnd its great. I have it on my side, just black ink wiith its eyes bright blue. The only thing that annoys me is the fact that the guy messed up a little and there isnt the exact same amount of white space on the sides by the eyeballs!!! augh, I need to have him fix it somehow.
  4. So Im getting it in about an hour, Ill let you all know how it goes!!! If I can take a pic I will.
  5. well arent you sweet. lol. Yes but I decided I want the bea. I dont want anything too big, Im a teacher.
  6. Thank you, he is a very nice dog.......I know you were being sarcastic, but if you met him you would fall in love with him.
  7. So........I have all these Radiohead songs on my Myspace page and they arent playing! Im going to try to fix it, but if you go to my page (You can if you click on my avatar? And then "View homepage") let me know if Down Is The New Up is playing! I dont know why all my other stuff plays but Radiohead.
  8. Thanks for the pics I know a lot of people must have it, but a lot more people probably have stupid tattoos. And this one is definitely not stupid to me.
  9. OK, the guy that is doing the tattoo wants me to send him what i want......I found this cool page of a lot of different bears. I was just going to get the black outline one with the lines down the middle of his eyes, but the 1st one on this page is kinda cool too with blue and purple color! I just want it to be very recognizable as the Kid A bear and not change it up a lot to make it look stupid. But I do love those colors in his eyes.....Which one should I get or do you have any other color suggestions? Thanks a lot!!!!
  10. That was the best setlist I have seen live so far! I loved HTDC, Exit Music, Pyramid Song and of course Climbing Up the walls. It didnt even matter to me that I have yet to hear any of my top 4 songs. haha. One of these days, Im going to get a show with Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees or You and Whose Army? Oh, and people in section 26 were totally dead!!! What was up with THAT? The guy next to me looked like he was going to die, sat the whole time, and I was jumping around everywhere. haha
  11. I KNEW IT! I just looked at last nights setlist (aka my perfect setlist) and I know tonight will be another missed oppurtunity for me to hear one of my top 6 songs. Because they played every single one of them last night!!!! You and Whose Army, Pyramid Song, Karma Police, HTDC, EXIT MUSIC!!????? I cant believe they had to go and play ALL of those last night. I looked at the past setlists and its very rare that they play the same older songs two nights in a row. Am I freaking out for nothing? These are the only songs I love that I havent seen in concert the 5 times I have seen them. The only chance I think I have is Fake Plastic Trees. I have heard the SAME older songs every single time, not that they arent great. I just have bad luck.
  12. Yes they will probably play all of those songs I have heard them all before. I would like to hear Pyramid Song, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees or HTDC. At least ONE would be great because I have yet to hear one. In 2006 my friend practically had to drag me out because I kept saying "Theyre not done! Theyre not done!!" haha.
  13. Thank you very much!! I knew it was in Meeting People is Easy.
  14. Hey guys I have one tattoo already thats EXTREMELY small, a butterfly (yeah I know) and I am going to get a Radiohead Tattoo soon. The one I want is a really small pic of the two people meeting (the guy with the suitcase) and they are shaking hands..........The problem is, what the heck is that from? I remembered seeing it on something, but I thought it was the cover of "Meeting People Is Easy" or "Ok Computer" and I cant find it anywhere. If Im going to get this tattoo, I at least need to know where its from. lol
  15. So just looking at the Chicago show, it looks like they arent going to change it up too much this 2nd time around?? Thats ok with me but Im hoping for my show they play Down Is The New Up! grrrrr and definitely You and Whose Army. At least one maybe. They played You and Whose Army a lot the 1st half, so maybe I have a chance. Not with my luck though. I have been to 3 concerts and they have yet to play any of my top 5. haha
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