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  1. yea the kids are sleeping on the floor for a month or two and not dead, kinda bunched up like cats. their breathing has a rhythm like a rainbow. its dusk. the moon is cycling through all its stages. there is the constant sound of a van leaving. in ur mind youre licking cents and then the music comes through you wake up and its very pretty and you go under again. and now the kids grandma is sleeping in the bunch too. your tongue is stretching out like a flow of water and where it taps ur limbs they start moving. and its like this that ur being walked around the sleeping bunch like a puppet
  2. they are arranged to describe the only character of a big book and that character is a dog who stays under her umbrella afraid of the sun
  3. do you have other ideas for games?

  4. does your appetite start with six and end with ten
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