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  1. well PH was more punkISH than any of their other albums, espec songs like ripcord and how do you anyway i think he wants words to sound ambiguous and like entirely different mixed-up words, he also slurs in contextual ways like I remember him slurring 'choke' on exit music; sounded throaty like he was choking..live version I think oh and he most def uses fx gear/sw to slur his voice but it can sound quite natural at times
  2. quite possible that it sounded good where you were situated; the whole point of designing a stadium etc (especially halls) is that it sounds good for the majority the modern french opera houses are meant to be the best in that respect
  3. Agreed. Can't believe Thom whacked a stage diving mosher with his guitar, in another interview Ed rips the piss out of 'Jocks' who he says liked Van Halen etc in the 80s but were now latching onto alt rock as the cool new and in thing. Says he'd like to do what metallica do and jave a 'cage' for them and 'fucking toss them some meat or something'. http://colin-greenwood-interviews.blogspot.co.uk/2006_12_01_archive.html?m=1
  4. still doesnt hold a candle to the eraser though why not just revert back to that mousey fluttery twitch glitch sound? the songs were so much better
  5. hmm..bit harsh look at jonnys input, look at their collabs together incl with other artists..
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