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  1. have you heard the steven "jesse" bernstein album, tmonk
  2. yeah the third one
  3. rem - chronic town fugazi gang of four - another day another dollar billy bragg - lifes a riot with spy vs spy scratch acid black flag - nervous breakdown pixies - come on pilgrim minor threat beta band - los amigos del beta bandidos breeders - safari
  4. Have to admit im not wild about that song cept for the
  5. Lol Would a slack channel be a bad idea? Know it would be messy for lists but might at least get some discusion going
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/pablohidalgo/status/958088945354489856
  7. Illness, pollution, should be encouraged and let loose Then maybe some would have a genuine grouse
  8. Think i prefer perverted to hex these days
  9. PE had aome tasty meters samples. Rejucenation's as good as the debut btw
  10. Not heard any compilations in full but i like that first album, probably best to hear a version w/ bonus tracks
  11. The cult of elvis is the worst thing. I like some of his (mainly early rock n roll) stuff just fine though
  12. how have i never heard this before
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