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  1. all i need house of cards nude weird fishes jigsaw reckoner 15 step faust videotape bodysnatchers
  2. i binged it recently like it was 2007 again. thought i was settled on amsp being their best but not so sure now...
  3. he owns the sun, which traditionally performed a similar function in a more crass way (probably a dead heat on this now)
  4. mail's owned by lord viscount something something rothermere but yeah, pretty similar to murdoch's brand of bile
  5. i thought they had more of an international presence, especially in the states, since going online
  6. yeah i watched some of the glasgow set on tv and thought the sound seemed a bit off
  7. you creep telex bends sha exit music htdc treefingers packt pyramid song backdrifts go to sleep weird fishes all i need lotus flower codex tinker tlw
  8. yeah and that goes for a few songs from that era
  9. didn't care much for it at the time but lotus flower, magpie, seperator and codex all rule pretty hard
  10. airbag eiirp burn the witch 2+2 bloom 15 step telex packt you true love waits seperator street spirit the tourist wolf at the door videotape blow out life in a glasshouse motion picture soundtrack
  11. lol that's like the most basic rym/mt c.2005 take ever
  12. apart from some ropiness on lucky, i was surprised by how many notes thom could still hit in that glastonbury set. especially nude, jesus
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