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  1. The numbers, Decks Dark and Daydreaming are tied at 1 for me
  2. Not that I really agree with that notion, at all. But in DID when Thom signs "waking up from a thousand years of sleep" and "you know what I mean" it's very MJK. The voice/tone, lyrics, sentiment.
  3. It's right as the climax ends too. Literally day dreaming.
  4. Check out the piano version of bloom by Thom on YouTube. Amazing.
  5. The last minute or so of his part in Optimistic from the basement sessions https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=COUaNmm53VA
  6. The first two minutes live don't build quite the same frenetic momentum as the album version but it is pretty bad ass from that point on
  7. It was about 3am in a New York subway one night and this kid was playing there there on his acoustic guitar. Not for money or anything. He was just on his way home I guess and saw no one was really around. I didn't go up to him but I really enjoyed that moment.
  8. Subterranean/Decks dark Arpeggi Daydreaming HTDC Exit music Tinker Fog Bloom Airbag Optimistic Pyramid song Spinning plates I want none of this
  9. That song has such an underwhelming climax. The build up is so good though. I guess it shows they can't get everything perfect.
  10. He did dramatic hamster better than dramatic hamster himself. Goddamn Thom you alien.
  11. Although I absolutely love Burn the Witch I find myself always starting the album with day dreaming. I mean it's a perfect song to start the day with in the morning. Especially if it's raining. The walking piano lines are also great for walking through crowds on your way to work and you feel as if you're floating through. The video captures the song perfectly it is an opening of doors and constant walking line that ends in a place that's not really home.
  12. 1 - AMSP (Tinker Tailor) 2 -Amnesiac (Pyramid) 3 - Kid A (Optimistic) 4 - In Rainbows (Arpeggi) 5 -Ok Computer (Exit Music) 6 -KOTL (Bloom) 7 - HTTT (AWATD) 8 -The Bends (Planet Telex) 9 - Pablo Honey (You)
  13. That solo at the end of Indentikit is jimmy page sloppy lol
  14. Burn the witch sounds like it belongs on HTTT. Amazing track.
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