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  1. I like that for some reason. It looks like a fun thing to do in class.
  2. I like Give it up because Thom's voice sounds really good. Hmm Life with the big F makes me laugh my head off...it kinda cheers me up.
  3. I can't pick because this is my favourite radiohead album. But my favourite at the moment is life in a glass house. Last week it was knives out. Tomorrow it'll be another one.
  4. My portuguese is nothing much either. I think we just neglect our mother tongues.
  5. I'm still not smart. I speak portuguese, english and french. Hate french though. i suck at it. What about you?
  6. Trust me, i'm not smart. I don't make sense that often and i don't wanna scare you away. I don't judge people, i make mistakes almost everyday. If i scare you away it's not because i'm smart. I'm gonna repeat myself and i hope you don't mind but you're not dumb.
  7. I see...just remember that sometimes being good at something doesn't mean you enjoy it. Just do whatever you feel like doing because that is never ever a bad thing. Hmm, i think i could just sit here and talk to you for hours.
  8. "now i know i have to quit"...? How so? Oh and thank you. I still have to work a lot on my photos though.
  9. I've checked all your photos out. Some are incredibly touching because they're very plain, simple, black and white pictures and yet they seem very real to me. Sometimes when you take pictures to pretty things and places they stop looking real (i think anyway, but i know nothing about the subject to be honest). I liked your photos, don't quit.
  10. Yeah. Speaking of photos, i can't find yours in the random photos thread. They're just...gone Edit: I'm so stupid ugh. I just found them...they're not crap!! I mean: http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a182/notliving1/goal.jpg
  11. No problem. I'm just going to stay home really. I don't mind staying home though...
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