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  1. Sail to the moon. I liked it when i first listened to it but i thought it wasn't as good as the other tracks from HTTT. It's one of the rh songs i listen to more often nowadays...it's just plain lovely.
  2. I know this thread's been made before BUT i haven't seen it in a while and there are always new people around. So, if you're bored just reply. What radiohead songs are played the most on the radio in your country? I got street spirit this morning. And they play kid a live a lot.
  3. Probably in limbo. That song live = amazing. And i'd like some blue lights too. Yeah, that would make it perfect.
  4. It's okay, glad to hear you had fun. I just stayed home. Oh by the way, my grandmother left the hospital today! Thought you'd like to know that. Hope i catch you here tomorrow
  5. If LSP wasn't the way it is on amnesiac, it wouldn't be my favourite album. Every song on that album is perfect (even morning bell, yeah).
  6. Well i have no homework so... Pablo Honey - stop whispering The Bends - fake plastic trees or black star OK Computer - climbing up the walls Kid A - motion picture sountrack Amnesiac - hmmmmmmmm...morning bell at the moment Hail To The Thief - i will or there there
  7. I hope they play in Portugal next year...if they don't i'll try Spain. But i will see them! I hope
  8. Hehe yeah, thanks. You've got a PM, night night and no problem Querra.
  9. There's also Stop whispering and go to sleep.
  10. Wow these are really cool. His handwriting looks a bit like Thom's, i think. Well, i better be off to dinner it's getting late. Take care, harry g'bye
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