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  1. I'm gonna have dinner now. See you Ivana! And good luck Harry. Bye.
  2. Yeah that's me. I'm no one to you but you seem a very cool guy to me. So...
  3. Haha that's cute. Yes, i'll talk to you. Wanna know you better and dont be so hard on yourself...i like you already.
  4. I've been lurking for quite a while now. I'm liking it so far yep. You seem like a very nice person and i like the fact that you care a lot about your best friend, not a lot of people are like that *is not a stalker* i just lurk really.
  5. Lovelove it. Thanks for posting all these pictures...really.
  6. Exactly. You forgot orange and purple though. Hmm anyway...
  7. Hey Aimee I'm Maria but poeple call me Mar very often. I'm only 15 (uuh...yeah i know) i live in Portugal. Not very exciting but i don't mind.
  8. Intro: The national anthem...or maybe airbag Outro: Let Down (obviously)
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