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  1. looks like you were still falling when this one was taken
  2. wonder if the one arab poster we have here is willing to share her handwriting tbh arabic calligraphy can be ridiculously mesmerizing to look at it's fascinating that avoiding other visual art forms led them to develop that discipline instead
  3. well, i regret abandoning cursive writing at some point in highschool only to replace it with whatever the hell this is: but i'm really interested in trying it again and am sort of training my left hand for it
  4. all i know is right now i'm more likely to listen to tinker taylor but the arbitrariness is there maquiladora though <3
  5. i go walking in your landscape a delicate balance you know we're friends 'til we die tbc
  6. this shouldn't have spoiler tags tbh what a great list lol wouldn't have expected you to include maquiladora
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