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    peotry thread

    taking not faking! i like that one - i think sounds like poking about paper litter but blown up kids at the same time is interesting
  2. seola

    peotry thread

    oh i get it i thought it said you (who knkws bells) do not work etc. i like that a lot better thanks for ghe explanation. i like the next untitled is it about faking subway trains?
  3. seola

    peotry thread

    i don't get it what bells/country what is that supposed to mean? any others?
  4. Not only that but you have to change the email address, password because they have to log in I guess to download. Then you need to change phone number why is this so complicated. I don't think .com is so complicated
  5. The thing that worries me is that through their broken English scammers always say comforting things like 'don't worry we'll get through this' Can't believe it
  6. Nevermind. By the way it was an extremely stupid solution and the directions for this were listed nowhere on the site or else in German. I had to log into my ticketmaster account and go into my personal profile and edit my name there. When I did that the PDF updated itself I don't know maybe I'm retarded. I'm retarded and it took me forever to figure that out but i will be even more retarded if this person never pays me oh my god
  7. I have a serious question. So I reassigned my ticket through my lollapalooza ticket dashboard etc I then forwarded this person my actual ticketmaster eticket pdf. On the lollapalooza ticket activation dashboard, ever since reassigning the ticket to be active under a new owner's name, the ticket has disappeared since she accepted it. However my name is still on the eticket pdf as the person who ordered it. Will this effect her entrance into the festival? How does this work? Please help thank you Customer service options extremely limited
  8. Anyways I think I will have more luck on their facebook page.
  9. I'm not going anymore but I have this ticket. I have no idea what to do with it but if you'd like it's possible for me to reassign it on my lollapalooza dashboard and forward it to you using the online form. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Do they, can they cover atoms for peace songs?
  11. I'm pretty unenthused about seeing radiohead.
  12. what is that autograph?
  13. why is there a white rectangle in the middle? I like it though. If I had a picture book I would make them very small like a graphic novel. I think it would be fun to put them together like that to see on one page. Haven't any of you thought about doing this?
  14. I hope there is a light show/and or fireworks.
  15. I'm not mad but like where do you generally live then? Unless it is like artist decision or privacy.
  16. Where is that shot reluctant george?
  17. This is paper on fire? I'm reminded of panic attacks about crumpled paper I had when I was really, really young.
  18. I think I see what you mean. I like the girls part.
  19. pending I like the first paragraph. It's concise and it makes sense. The first sentence. It reminds me of someone who I know who is not me but it makes sense. The second paragraph makes less sense in that if someone I knew were thinking this I would not even hear it because it is just useless and annoying and 'doesn't make sense'. But it is a nice way to characterize this person. It could be funny. Reading the first half I didn't understand why this was titled couple's therapy. Paragraph three is okay. the part about september as recovery month 'don't go back to that. that's not you. this is you' is interesting I guess. In paragraph three I think this person wants this other person but it's like passing over. Judith under 25? Now this person seems sort of pathetic/in love but I don't understand why this is called couple's therapy. And then is this supposed to change into the perspective of the other person I think. The rest I guess makes more sense why it is called couple's therapy, 'it will happen again'. But it is not very flashy/real and sort of boring especially because of the title probably. Maybe it'll make more sense next time I read it.
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