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  1. i know the feel


    heck, i even got started with the MT dollhouse theme


    I think I just wanted to draw portraits of mters like if i were going to draw you perhaps you would wear like neck ruffles layered with the leaves of tropical plants and be pointing at something with your head turned 3/4's away from the camera like a conquistador?


    should there be a thread like that


    rose is hmm, the perspective is slightly from above and well her hair is parted in the middle and it's very curly like a nest but parted out and towards you like two curtains from the center of her head and there's a bird and some buttons in it and she's got a grin on looking slightly up at you


    ula is just there is a black surface laid out horizontally and the white surface of her face is a exposed hill with her eyes closed serenely and on her forehead is a miniature of a man in a old timey suit on a reclining beach chair reading the paper or drinking coffee but the perspective of the hill of face informs the black surface


    pitol is like if there is a jut of metal side that somehow became vertical-diagonally lodged into the ground through some dangerous projectile but turn the picture upside down and erase the ground and the background to something neutral so that the jut is abstract. then put 1/4 of his face like a bat that turns around a little to stare at you with one eye angrily


    hahaha just kidding


    foppe is a side profile in extreme action shot making a total effort with his arms thrust out behind him and his mouth open after a pebble flying through the air away from him in front of him


    hugh is sitting in a sofa like arm chair in an unlit corner and the light creates a black to arm on armrest and two legs gradient but those are just wooden props and there is a surreptitiously drawn tiny snake to the side of the legs/feet a little ways away and going somewhere 


    vivi is an anime character with resting wings standing as if she is on a cliff looking to the side at the camera in a nobel way but she is inside of a bathtub which contains a kitchen countertop on the end opposite the faucet where there is a pot of soup boiling on a stove]


    okay i have to go

  2. I like the first ink drawing. It seems like the leaves are brittle and the flowers are beautiful too. I also like the drippy fluid quality of the shadows in the third drawing which is exciting to look at. I do't know how I feel about watercolor it's unsettling. I had a friend who made a lot of collaged work using watercolor like haphazard cut out shapes, abstract geometric and also using acrylic paint on top like on drawing paper even-when she was crazy but I like the chair. I have an unused watercolor set I bought and brought with me but probably will never use it.

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