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  1. o man i changed my list a 3rd time i duno i keep coming back to this more heartbroken than the last edit..hopefully 3rd times the charm. ill probably listen to it as a playlist tomorro afternnoon n hope i donot regret it ^_ ^
  2. what the fuck. it's crystal tokyo...thats the most interesting location ive ever seen n didnt know it existed in the u.s or really outside of 80s videos icy album covers and some up north country ill never visit.looks like a ton of ghosts. i think this is the first time in my life someone has made me want to go somewhere far. thank you
  3. so glad i remembered to edit my list now, its pretty different in the mindset of loss. that first list sucked. amsp, tkol, and the bends moved up a whole lot. cut like ten songs and added fake plastic trees, sit down stand up and let down kinda weird they werent there in the first place. btw thanks for the let down hypnosis plug dj
  4. ugh whatever he was so cute during kidamnesiac era now hes as hot as that again
  5. yea im surprised i still feel hte same way i do as a disturbed teenager but hey i think millions of people feel the same xtreme strange attraction to thom
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