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  1. Please suggest me a good guitar and amp (pack?) at a good price and for begginers like me. Not too expensive but not too shitty too. I was thinking in buying a squier... Thanks
  2. I already bought it and I have the full review so just give me somedays to upload it. Its a shame it is in portuguese cause the forum there rules.
  3. The most well-known portuguese megazine made an interview of Thom Yorke, I think it's very interesting since I learned more about Radiohead and his The Eraser but that's only me cause I am not a radiohead addicted like many of you. Here it is a bit of it (in portuguese) well try to translate it in google or...well you are doomed: http://blitz.aeiou.pt/gen.pl?p=stories&op=view&fokey=bz.stories/1743
  4. Sorry if soemoen already made a thread about this but seems like Thom wants Radioehad to cover Bjork's Unravel. It's is indeed an awesome song. There is a little more information in the official bjork website.
  5. maybe a good single with some more work
  6. shit. who are you? PH: not sure yet but almost all should go to hell The Bends: Sulk OK Computer: Fitter Happier Kid A: Treefingers Amnesiac: Morning Bell/Amnesiac HTTT: A Puch up at the wedding (I just dont like it)
  7. I was going to put Analyse as the one that he wouldnt put as 2nd single for sure
  8. If that ever happens... I say And it rained all night>Black Swan>The Eraser
  9. atoms for peace is the only that I dislike
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