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  1. yeh im away from MT but wait why did new people look at this thread literally the day after i deleted the songs lol
  2. and the album is called "the economy stupid"
  3. anytime someone says burn the witch ya know it's a bad joke
  4. even better, we can do physical jokes too like jacques tati. lots of new technology, lots of new ways to fall
  5. yeah, i guess a pilot script could work. or a story arc 6 ep season and send the first ep in telling them you have the whole season finished. should we do this as a period piece or updated 2015?
  6. yes, and i wish all the lurkers of this thread would just admit it already. let us know.
  7. prob why we should make up a setting of our own also, should this PI show go straight into an arc or have a few stand alone eps to get acquainted with the characters?
  8. oh shit, i've never seen that. good charac better television show !
  9. yeah, but it's probably got the most endearing main characters of a television show that i've ever seen, so we could take a hint from that. it was very entertaining, usually funny, but yeah, we could make a funnier PI sitcom. where should the setting be? maybe more small town vibe or at least medium town vibe? not something big like new york city or LA or some shit like that.
  10. mike detective is one of my favorite shows
  11. bored to death is one of my favorite shows side note: i actually just finished the endorsement episode of bedtime stories which stars jason schwartzman and it is one of the funniest things i've seen in a while
  12. a show like delocated must have been created using premise -> character -> setting in fact, the opening sequence of season 1 & 2 kind of confirms this edit: i was wrong
  13. setting is important but i was thinking about this yesterday. is it best to come up with a sitcom in this order: premise -> characters -> setting have good episode premises, come up with good characters to react to the situations they are in, and then come up with the setting. of course, this order can be completely reversed and work just as well. the setting will create characters which will then create premises. i guess it is really a matter of figuring out the best way. even throughout the history of sitcoms, it has been much of the same formula, so really it is characters that is most important
  14. box and ihggy, let's write the next hit sitcom for nbc. they are dying over there
  15. i don't have a preference really because i haven't used ableton, but boss br-600 is a digital recorder as well. just having that set-up seems easier than ableton though. i've never used the br-600 to its full potential because i've always been lazy with a song
  16. very cool! you'll hear it sooner rather than later, i'm hoping. right now i'm working on two songs that are more reminiscent of 60s kinks
  17. oh, cool! i like hearing elvis costello as a comparison even if it only slightly because he got me wanting to write more 'proper' songs and was a big part of the inspiration towards writing again. i have not heard defiance ohio. here is a silver jews (malkmus was originally in this band) song that is kind of a sound i'm going for with "blah blah blues" except more upbeat and such. might throw horns in there like in random rules.
  18. i don't particularly see how the word 'hopscotch' sounds forced, or are you saying just lyrically it seems forced? i am glad you like the lyrics, though. the only line that was hard to fit into a melody was "while the stereo broadcasts a four chorded signal that stammers and stuns". the song was built around the final words, and i think those are my favorite in the song, so i think i'll keep those. the lyrics are finalized for "dust whurl" but it could use a better recording. i hate the levels of the guitar versus singing, but i mostly just felt like recording something while i felt inspired. i wrote two more songs within that time frame, but they were recorded very poorly into audacity, so those are not shared here and i am not sure if i will record them again. "blah blah blues" is definitely more of a 'demo' than "dust whurl" is, so the song now isn't going to sound as good as it will. my friend and i are working on a piano part right now. i'm interested in what you mean by "this kind of stuff" because i'd like to know what comparison you are thinking of. i mean, it really is just my attempt at writing a silver jews song, but my monotone isn't as severe as david berman; i kinda just lifted the very first melody line from "buckingham rabbit" when i sing "my index finger's stuck in a bottle." idk how monotone i'll sing it for the full band version, and i still want to do the double a-side male and female vocals.
  19. hmm that could work actually. i'll try that out whenever my friend and i practice the song. thanks for the idea
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