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  1. yeh im away from MT but wait why did new people look at this thread literally the day after i deleted the songs lol
  2. and the album is called "the economy stupid"
  3. anytime someone says burn the witch ya know it's a bad joke
  4. even better, we can do physical jokes too like jacques tati. lots of new technology, lots of new ways to fall
  5. yeah, i guess a pilot script could work. or a story arc 6 ep season and send the first ep in telling them you have the whole season finished. should we do this as a period piece or updated 2015?
  6. yes, and i wish all the lurkers of this thread would just admit it already. let us know.
  7. prob why we should make up a setting of our own also, should this PI show go straight into an arc or have a few stand alone eps to get acquainted with the characters?
  8. oh shit, i've never seen that. good charac better television show !
  9. yeah, but it's probably got the most endearing main characters of a television show that i've ever seen, so we could take a hint from that. it was very entertaining, usually funny, but yeah, we could make a funnier PI sitcom. where should the setting be? maybe more small town vibe or at least medium town vibe? not something big like new york city or LA or some shit like that.
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