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  1. I used to call them trees when I was a kid, broccoli.
  2. Didn't they consider Videotape as the opener?
  3. I really like the Thom-only "Down Is The New Up" that he played "live from the basement". It was one of the only IR songs I had heard prior to the album's release, then I kind of forgot about it once the full-band version came about. But man this version is just beautiful. I might even like it more than the album version.
  4. That's a loaded question. I love those songs, electronic beats, and things that are interesting. I just want them to change it up a bit. Why would I not like something interesting?!? Also don't use remotely like that. It makes you sound mean.
  5. I don't want it sounding like IR either I just want something fresh sounding
  6. Bloom, little by little, feral, the butcher! Stop with the clickity
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