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  1. Has Identikit been performed at all since 2012?
  2. I hope the broken hearts make it rain part is as loud and forceful as the loud part in this song ROCKIN OUT! CRUSHINGLY HEAVY!: http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Sowing+Season/1Xs0nh?src=5
  3. The only bad thing about that song is the "when I see you messin' me around" lyric. I mean, what?
  4. Because it doesn't have the production value of a studio version. Also it would be neat to have some subtle spacey synths in the in the background.
  5. I think they need to play the otherworldly synth part during the verses. It would be less monotonous if that synth backing was playing during Thom's singing parts and the melody would sound even nicer with those ethereal synths backing it up.
  6. I feel like Skiritng's melody would make for a good verse melody, I don't think it's enough for a whole song though. I think they should add a new chorus or bridge or something.
  7. I bet it's changed a fair bit since the premier as songs often do, wonder how the album version will sound.
  8. I feel like the problem with wolf at the door is that all the instruments especially the guitar during the chorus is buried so far beneath Thoms Vocals that it's hard to here.
  9. Although i'm very interested to see what LP9 will be like, since the mood and aesthetic are neat, I think it just needs more development.
  10. Disappointingly little progression on each track. Don't know why Thom has decided to go with this style since TKOL where it's the same exact percussion pattern for most of the song.
  11. Thom's solo stuff always has this very cold mechanical feel to it, with his singing always staying in the moan-y melancholy territory, without any of the impassioned vocal performances that define songs like Lucky, Idioteque, and Reckoner. The music doesn't seem to have the energy and passion of albums like In Rainbows. I think he's better when he works with the whole band.
  12. No it's actually a very very quiet wssshhhhhhhhh sound, its there, I know for sure.
  13. Actually, I think it's an incredibly soft synth playing a d note all through the song, but you got turn your volume all the way up the hear it. (I'm not talking about the obvious staccato synth that starts the song and plays during the chorus.)
  14. Why could't he just say "yeah" like a normal singer?
  15. The part where he says "phew" in Karma Police because it literally ruins the whole album.
  16. But why And check this sick chorus riff, a lot of it is hard to make out in the actual song
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